Do Female Breadwinners Need Special Relationship Rules?

  According to Pew Research, the number of men whose wives outearn them is in the rise. A nice car, expensive dinners, owning a home—back in 1996, these were just a few of the expenses that led Alisa Bowman to assume her now-husband earned more than she did. It wasn’t until the couple moved inContinue reading “Do Female Breadwinners Need Special Relationship Rules?”

6 Reasons Actresses Over 40 Are Hotter Than Ever in Hollywood

By: Todd Cunningham/The Wrap For decades, the age of 40 was the point of no return for the majority of Hollywood’s leading ladies of film. But there’s been a seismic shift in the way the industry and moviegoers view “aging” top actresses, and today their clout and box-office muscle have never been greater. Forty-nine-year-old SandraContinue reading “6 Reasons Actresses Over 40 Are Hotter Than Ever in Hollywood”

Sandra & Debbie 50 years apart.

I never get caught up in the lives of celebrities, from Tiger Woods, to  Angelina Jolie, who cares?  People fall in love and get their hearts broken every day.  So why am I touched by Sandra Bullock’s heartbreak? Perhaps because she wasn’t your typical  Hollywood movie star.  In the 16 years (since Speed) we haveContinue reading “Sandra & Debbie 50 years apart.”