Kevin Hart defends Ellen DeGeneres against workplace accusations

The comedian took to social media to fire back at accusations that the talk show host abuses her staff. Kevin Hart has come to the defense of Ellen DeGeneres amid criticism that she fosters a toxic workplace environment on her daytime talk show. The Jumanji took to social media to fire back at accusations that DeGeneres  mistreats and abuses herContinue reading “Kevin Hart defends Ellen DeGeneres against workplace accusations”

“Hurry up” Mississippi State Representative Punched Wife for not moving quick enough for sex

  Saturday Night, Mississippi State Representative Douglas McLeod punched his wife in the face blooding her nose because she didn’t undress quickly enough when he wanted to have sex. When the George County Sheriff’s Department arrived they found the 58 year old  Republican lawmaker intoxicated and holding a glass of alcohol in his hand whenContinue reading ““Hurry up” Mississippi State Representative Punched Wife for not moving quick enough for sex”

Sacratomatoville 10 for 2015

Sex, Politics, Relationships, Reality TV, Stupid People, Sports, Celebrities and  Sacramento are just some of the topics we cover here at the Sacratomatoville Post.    With Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation three of the top 10 post are about transgender individuals   Sexual harassment accusations  against the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Sacramento occupy two spots inContinue reading “Sacratomatoville 10 for 2015”

What IS a homophobic Racists to Do?

 Women kissing women, White men with Black Women, Men Kissing Men,  Latinos with Asians,  Jews dating Muslims, what is a homophobic Racist to Do? By CityFella Once upon a time in Entertainment America, everything was all white, the standard of beauty was white. Usually blondes with blue eyes.   With the exception of a CubanContinue reading “What IS a homophobic Racists to Do?”

Jane the Virgin is the best new show of the season!

By CityFella, Okay, I’m late.  I have a Hulu account and Jane the Virgin was in my queue.  There has been a lot of Hype sounding this show and have to admit, I usually avoid Hyped shows.   The other problems is it was on the CW, so here it is. Hulu reminded me theContinue reading “Jane the Virgin is the best new show of the season!”

Monica Lewinsky: Why does she it matter?

 By Demetria Lucas/The Grio OPINION — Blame Beyonce. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time lately thinking about Monica Lewinsky. Okay, not inordinate — just every time I hear Partition, which is played an inordinate amount of times on the radio. But I digress. I think of Lewinsky every time I hear that part inPartition where ‘Yonce sings of howContinue reading “Monica Lewinsky: Why does she it matter?”

Remember Mark Foley

MARK FOLEY FINDS FORGIVENESS, EARS IN HIS HOMETOWN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — When a local Young Republicans group invited former Congressman Mark Foley to speak to them, the reaction was swift and blunt even within GOP circles. One person involved with the party took to Twitter, asking: “Have you people lost your minds?” Another joked:Continue reading “Remember Mark Foley”