GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker chooses Professional Basketball over Public Education

By CityFella Build us a new modern arena by 2017 or we will leave town.  Sacramentians are familiar with this sentence from the National Basketball Associations playbook and by golly, next fall Sacramento will open the ultramodern Golden One Center Downtown, the newest NBA Arena( I mean Entertainment Complex) in the nation.   Until theContinue reading “GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker chooses Professional Basketball over Public Education”

What’s the matter with white people?

As the GOP loses its grip, it’s got one loyal constituency. Will white America go down with the ship? A line of people waiting to register at a career fair in San Diego. One of the burdens of blackness, W.E.B. DuBois famously wrote, was facing down an omnipresent question from the wider society: “How doesContinue reading “What’s the matter with white people?”

Why Wisconsin Matters

This is not the first time that Wisconsin has been at the center of national agitation over the role of unions. The earlier battle was staged in Sheboygan at Kohler, the legendary manufacturer of kitchen, bath and furniture products. The Kohler employees had voted to join the United Auto Workers union, and a strike that beganContinue reading “Why Wisconsin Matters”