Roseanne Barr: I Was ‘Terrified’ Living on an ‘Island Full of Brown People’ After Racist Tweet

By: Melania Hidaldo/People Magazine   In her first public appearance since her show was canceled due to her racist tweet, Roseanne Barr spoke about the weeks she spent in hiding. On Thursday night, following her interview with Sean Hannity, the former Roseanne star made her way to New York’s “Stand Up” Comedy Club, a frequent host of contentious right-wing guestsContinue reading “Roseanne Barr: I Was ‘Terrified’ Living on an ‘Island Full of Brown People’ After Racist Tweet”

“ME” 2017

“I’m the greatest president EVER”  “I know more than the Pope and almost as much as God”  ” I watch myself of TV because I like to hear the haters lie about my accomplishments.”  ” I don’t watch Morning Joe (that slug) he is just a failed politician, I hate how he looks without hisContinue reading ““ME” 2017″

Bad Week for Rush Limbaugh, Remember When He Was Funny?

(Was that a brick?) Funny is funny.  There was a time when Rush Limbaugh‘s show was funny.  There were bits, no they weren’t PC.   He was entertaining, I never  listened  to his entire show as his views  were often too far right of my beliefs. Then one day, he became the voice of theContinue reading “Bad Week for Rush Limbaugh, Remember When He Was Funny?”

” The George Zimmerman Show” “in HDTV”

Starring: George Zimmerman Co Starring: Mark O’ Mara (his Current Attorney) Dont Mess with BW! In what could be the beginning of a media tour may have stalled yesterday.   George Zimmerman , the man accused of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin pulled out of  a  planned interview with Barbara Walters on Wednesday.   The interviewContinue reading “” The George Zimmerman Show” “in HDTV””