Sacramento Kings: Soap Opera R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

Clearly its personal……  It’s not about the City of Sacramento or Seattle.   It’s about  honor and principal. The newly empowered, Maloof Family wants respect.  If they had the cash, I believe they would stay in Sacramento and build this team, the brothers liked Sacramento and the liked owning a professional franchise.   But they don’t have the capital.Continue reading “Sacramento Kings: Soap Opera R.E.S.P.E.C.T!”

Sacramento Kings-Arena Deal: Seattle vs Sacramento (Seattle has the edge)

Its a stressful time for the  National Basketball Association board of governors.  Two cities, Seattle Washington and Sacramento California are vying for one  professional basketball team the Sacramento Kings. The issue for both cities may come down to  which city is in the best position to build a new arena? In 2006, Sacramentians voted against a measureContinue reading “Sacramento Kings-Arena Deal: Seattle vs Sacramento (Seattle has the edge)”

Sacramento’s Arena at Downtown Plaza: “Feel Free to Panic”

Last year it seemed all pieces for the Downtown Arena at the Railyards had a place.   With all the contributors identified, Sacramento‘s contribution would have been  250 million dollars. Fast Forward to March 2013.   The Sacramento Kings are not simply moving  out of town, they are up for sale.  While Sacramento has bidders in placeContinue reading “Sacramento’s Arena at Downtown Plaza: “Feel Free to Panic””