Sweet Little Old Lady

So, sweet she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Never a fly! A Man yes , a fly Never! This sweet little old lady was a serial killer. I live six blocks away from her home where she buried most of the men she killed in Sacramento. There have been movies and specials about Dorothea Puente, includingContinue reading “Sweet Little Old Lady”

Ms Puente Sacramento’s Grandma Serial Killer Died Today

1426 F St This blog was orginally posted 09/26/2009 Perhaps inspired by the film Arsenic and Old Lace. Dorothea Puente operated a boarding house just outside of Downtown Sacramento, this was 1982. Similar to the film Dorothea’s tenants were elderly and receiving monthly checks. In April of that year her friend and business partner RuthContinue reading “Ms Puente Sacramento’s Grandma Serial Killer Died Today”