Adventures in Online Dating 2019A “I wont show anyone”

Dating has always been challenging with one exception, Adam and Eve.    Adam spotted Eve in the Malt shop, she was easy to find. Eve looked at Adam, the first or only boy she has ever seen and said Hi, the rest was biblical. For the rest of us , its what do I do?Continue reading “Adventures in Online Dating 2019A “I wont show anyone””

Sextortion 101: How Tinder introduced me to your wife

It’s scarify easy to find out personal information about the people you meet on online dating sites, leaving many individuals open to sextortion. By:Vivienne Mitchell/ An Email IF YOU’RE reading this, you’re probably wondering how I found out your name. Well, first of all, let me make one thing clear: I am not a hacker.Continue reading “Sextortion 101: How Tinder introduced me to your wife”