SHELLY STERLING is Not the One ! Court Says V. Stiviano has to give 2.8 million back!

Photo TMZ By CityFella As of today, Rochelle (Shelly)Sterling is the official President of the Current Wives Club.  While her husband may have dalliance’s with other women, she is large and in charge. Donald and Shelly Sterling are worth nearly 3 with a capital B BILLION dollars.  For them, 2 8 million dollars is a […]

V. for Vanessa Stiviano: The Dirt

By: CityFella The door is open, it  was simply at matter of time.  The Media would get information on V. For Vanessa Stiviano the women at the center of the Donald Sterling storm. The Hot News via TMZ The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office is currently investigating claims that Stiviano is attempting to blackmail Sterling into […]

NBA may ban Donald Sterling, but he isn’t going away, unless he chooses to.

By: CityFella Tape “O” Rama The counter tape! He grew up in East LA, where  he was the president of the high school  at a time 50 percent of the student body was black and 40 was Hispanic.   Clearly they liked him before he owned real estate It broke his heart Magic Johnson, a […]