10 Shopping Quotes That Prove A Little Retail Therapy Is All You Need To Feel Better

From Your Tango Com   Get in loser, we’re going shopping. Everyone needs a little retail therapy now and then. When you get stressed out or are feeling a little sluggish in your body, hit the mall and find yourself an outfit or accessory that makes you feel confident. If you have a bad day […]

Black Friday seems to be a thing in Israel

  But the difference here: The stores are not swamped with shoppers like in America (though the pace of shopping is noticeably brisk). By: Marcy Oster/Jerusalem Post  JERUSALEM (JTA) — I was watching late night network television on Saturday night – that’s not terribly exciting here — when I was slammed with a string of […]

Shopping While Black in Citrus Heights

By: Erika D. Smith/Sacramento Bee The story of Zhalisa Clarke — a black woman who was minding her own business at a Raley’s in Citrus Heights when cashier accused her of shoplifting and called the police — didn’t make national news. It could have. In fact, it should have. Like Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, […]

Broke Down Diva

What is a”Broke Down Diva?” A woman who wants everything her way and nothing else! (Jennie.G) A Female that expects everything from someone else (Trophy wife) ( Stephanie F) A pretender, a Diva wanna be, who gets off on belittling others, wants to live the lives of the Rich and famous but she eats at […]

Eight weird habits you’ll pick up in Germany

In Germany men sit down when taking a pee. Photo: DPA When you go back the homeland for your Christmas hols don’t be surprised if people look at you a bit funny – you’ve probably picked up one of these peculiarly German habits. Not crossing the street until it’s green Berlin’s famous Ampelmann. Photo: DPA […]

The Best BIG Department Store in Sacratomatoville Spring-Summer 2016

The Big downtown Macy’s at 5th and L is currently the best big department store in the Sacratomatoville. Last Saturday, South Natomas resident Vanessa Daniels needed a blender stat! Her shopping options were the Wal Mart and Target stores in North Natomas off Truxel Road. Both stores are closer but the traffic is a nightmare. […]

Black Friday in Denmark: The new Halloween?

Danish newspapers advertise Black Friday sales. Photo: The Local The Growth of the American shopping ‘holiday’ Black Friday is expected to reach new levels in Denmark this year In recent years, it has become the norm to see children (or even adults) dressed as wizards, vampires or superheroes in the last week of October in […]

DoorBuster: Chronicles of a bargain Hunter

Never say Never…….. I have long wanted an mega screen TV, one so large that passing planes could see its glow from 35,000 feet.     For years, I would ask anyone who would listen for a 40, 50, 60, 80 inch TV for my postage stamp of apartment. Every,Black Friday the stores would entice […]