Fart in the box

8:42am I entered a packed lobby of  a large skyscraper in San Francisco.   I’m texting my friend to confirm her location in the building.  People are pushing on the elevators.  As soon as the a doorsopens the crowds are packing the elevator, making it difficult for those on the elevator to exit. I’m in theContinue reading “Fart in the box”

The Skyscraper with the House on Top

One of America’s weirdest buildings is New Orleans is the Plaza Tower.  The 45 story 531 foot Skyscraper building opened in 1969.  It is currently the third tallest building in the state and its completely empty. It is one of two vacant Skyscrapers in the city. The Plaza Tower was designed by Leonard R Spangenberg JrContinue reading “The Skyscraper with the House on Top”