Do not Tear down Sleep Train Arena

I was within a few feet of Sacramento’s former City Manager John Shirley, when he announced the Sleep Train could not compete with the new arena. Something about a non-competing clause. Sealing the fate of the 30 year old complex. Arco, (now Sleep Train) opened in 1988 its cost a mere 40 million (below averageContinue reading “Do not Tear down Sleep Train Arena”

Smaller is Better? The New Kings Arena

The terms of  proposed Sacramento Arena has smelled from the beginning.   The smoke and noise generated by City Leaders,the local media-lead by the Sacramento Bee and a group of Kings Fans( who would mortgage Sacramento schools to retain the Kings) have drowned out common sense. The Sacramento News and Review, citizens groups, and many bloggersContinue reading “Smaller is Better? The New Kings Arena”

Sacramento Kings-Arena Deal: Seattle vs Sacramento (Seattle has the edge)

Its a stressful time for the  National Basketball Association board of governors.  Two cities, Seattle Washington and Sacramento California are vying for one  professional basketball team the Sacramento Kings. The issue for both cities may come down to  which city is in the best position to build a new arena? In 2006, Sacramentians voted against a measureContinue reading “Sacramento Kings-Arena Deal: Seattle vs Sacramento (Seattle has the edge)”

The Sacramento Kings in Seattle may be the best gift for Sacramentians

After reviewing the Entertainment and Sports Center(ESC) Term Sheet. The Sacramento Kings moving to Seattle may be the best gift for Sacramentians.  The 2013 sheet is overly optimistic with perfect storm forecasts.  It  has several unsubstantiated claims for growth and insufficient  traffic/parking studies.  In a city facing deficits this  year, the questions becomes is the ESC a good deal fromContinue reading “The Sacramento Kings in Seattle may be the best gift for Sacramentians”

Sacramento’s Arena at Downtown Plaza: “Feel Free to Panic”

Last year it seemed all pieces for the Downtown Arena at the Railyards had a place.   With all the contributors identified, Sacramento‘s contribution would have been  250 million dollars. Fast Forward to March 2013.   The Sacramento Kings are not simply moving  out of town, they are up for sale.  While Sacramento has bidders in placeContinue reading “Sacramento’s Arena at Downtown Plaza: “Feel Free to Panic””

Build the Arena at Downtown Plaza*

We have long opposed  of the construction of an arena  in downtown Sacramento.  We have argued need, cost, and investment to the community.     This financially strapped city had spent more than a million dollars on studies related to the Arena. The Railyards Through the years there  have  many locations considered for a new Arena including Downtown Plaza.  However, city leadersContinue reading “Build the Arena at Downtown Plaza*”