When Cigarette Smoke Knew Its Place

There was a time in America, when nearly everyone smoked.  It was sexy, glamorous, and even macho.  Cigarettes were everywhere, even cartoon characters like “The Flintstones” sold Cigarettes and you could smoke everywhere. In the 60’s  the US Surgeon General placed a health warning on every pack of cigarettes.  Slowly, smoking wasn’t sexy or glamorousContinue reading “When Cigarette Smoke Knew Its Place”

Spain: Fury over Instagram smoking baby photo

A photograph of a baby smoking a cigarette uploaded to a popular social networking site has caused controversy in Spain. The photograph, which shows an adult hand holding the lit cigarette to the baby’s mouth, was uploaded to the popular photo-sharing site Instagram. The photograph has amassed over 2,600 likes and over 36,000 comments sinceContinue reading “Spain: Fury over Instagram smoking baby photo”

The worst ‘nightmares’ of living in France

Parking in France can get rather creative. Photo: Connie Ma/Flickr French author Michel Le Goff describes himself as “the French basher France wishes didn’t exist”. Here the writer shares his countdown of the worst “nightmares” about living in France. From: The Local French author Michel Le Goff has just published a new book called TheContinue reading “The worst ‘nightmares’ of living in France”

Puffing outdoors in Sacramento

Remember the days when there were smoking sections in Restaurants?  Smoke so intelligent, it knew to stay it its section. Today, there are fewer and fewer places where a smoker can smoke.  In California, there are cities where you cant smoke outdoors. In California and a number of states it is against the law toContinue reading “Puffing outdoors in Sacramento”

NYC: Battle of the Butts

The citywide smoking wars have moved from the restaurants and parks — into an apartment near you For many New Yorkers, owning a 1,000-square-foot one-bedroom condo in a posh Upper East Side doorman building is a dream come true. But they don’t live next door to Jane’s chain-smoking next-door neighbor from hell, whose incessant nicotineContinue reading “NYC: Battle of the Butts”

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Smoking Marijuana in a non smoking hotel

By: CityFella The debate continues to rage on between smokers and non-smokers, as  more Hotel chain go, completely smoke-free  with guests often caught in the middle. In January of 2006, Westin became the first hotel chain to ban smoking at all 77 locations in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Smoking is no longer permitted in guest rooms, restaurants,Continue reading “HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: Smoking Marijuana in a non smoking hotel”