Flying Turkey 2013 (3 Airports 1 day)

Three airports 3400 miles on  (Thanksgiving Day) 2013.  Most people want to be with their families on Turkey day.   Flying  on Thanksgiving day can save you hundreds…. AND you will avoid the traffic by flying on Turkey Day So you’ll miss the cutting of the Turkey there will be plenty of food when youContinue reading “Flying Turkey 2013 (3 Airports 1 day)”

Sweet Tea and Southern Eating

  Photo: Google   Thanks to McDonald’s people in the rest on the country are discovering Sweet Tea.   Yes, there has always been tea in California, Snapple, Lipton, and a host of other Tea’s.     In the South, Sweet Tea is a staple, in most of the country its  Coke or Pepsi ,Continue reading “Sweet Tea and Southern Eating”