South Lake Tahoe says stay away

  The Tahoe Basin, which sits in California and Nevada is a popular tourist destination.  The area has struggled to keep tourists away despite California’s stay-at-home order. As El Dorado County continues moving into Stage 2 of reopening, more and more businesses are opening their doors, including dine-in restaurants, provided they meet certain safety requirements.Continue reading “South Lake Tahoe says stay away”

Adam, OxyContin is bad-ask Rush Limbaugh

They were hungry, hungry for OxyContin and if  Adam Roland didn’t rob the CVS store in South Lake Tahoe his children were gonna be killed! That was the story he  told the Police Sunday, they had his 4 and 7 year old.  He was a victim of a home invasion and as he was tellingContinue reading “Adam, OxyContin is bad-ask Rush Limbaugh”