SPAIN: Leader tells Spanish Women to prevent rape-Close your curtains

Spain’s Interior Ministry has been slammed after it released a series of anti-rape measures for women, including closing the curtains at night to stop peeping toms. “It’s a form of scaremongering, it puts the blame on women and it stops them from taking responsibility,” tweeted socialist Equality Minister Carmen Montón about the ruling party’s anti-rapeContinue reading “SPAIN: Leader tells Spanish Women to prevent rape-Close your curtains”

SPAIN: Town Fights “Fifty Shades” Bondage Hotel

Vilafranca’s town council representatives argue the bondage-themed hotel is “unsuitable” for the village. Photo of woman’s legs Shutterstock By Alex Dunham/The Local Spain’s first bondage-themed hotel – equipped with a massive dungeon and all the latest gear – has been stopped from opening its doors by the local village authorities.  The small Valencian village of Vilafranca,Continue reading “SPAIN: Town Fights “Fifty Shades” Bondage Hotel”

You’re too ugly to visit Spain anyway’

Their abuse shows they have no argument as they can only resort to the lowest form of language,” said the MEP following the barrage of insults she has received. Photo: YouTube By: Alex Dunham/The Local A member of the European Parliament has received a barrage of online abuse by Twitter trolls after she publicly encouragedContinue reading “You’re too ugly to visit Spain anyway’”

‘Working hours in Spain are too long’

Spain moves to a different rhythm to the rest of Europe with people working, eating and going to bed later than anywhere else. In The Local’s latest opinion piece, we ask whether its time for a change to the country’s habits. The siesta was apparently banned in Spain in autumn 2012, and not for theContinue reading “‘Working hours in Spain are too long’”

Spanish artist fights for fashion’s real victims

Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez shocked shoppers on Madrid‘s emblematic Gran Via on Tuesday by staging a re-enactment of last month’s Bangladesh factory disaster to raise awareness about the working conditions in the Asian country’s textile industry. Dominguez, 35, organized the ‘real fashion victims’ campaign which involved several fashion bloggers spreadeagled under piles of rubble inContinue reading “Spanish artist fights for fashion’s real victims”


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Italy: We need a hero

In good and evil, Italy has produced an epic proportion of history’s fruits. The Western system of laws, the Catholic Church, banking, financial instruments, insurance, fine music, fashion and good eating all spread worldwide from there. But now, it needs a hero. Confronted with a national debt of about $2.4-trillion, 121% of its GDP, aContinue reading “Italy: We need a hero”