Unapologetic Black women are taking back our power

Naomi Osaka is working hard to normalize being an unapologetic Black woman, and I’m here for it By: Takirra Winfield Dixon/Salon I am Black and alive, and that’s half the battle today. Seriously. I woke up. No cops shot me in my sleep or on the street. I didn’t get charged with a crime I didn’tContinue reading “Unapologetic Black women are taking back our power”

Japan: Dancing robots replace fans at baseball game

By:Jack Tarrent/Reuters With their stadium devoid of fans due to coronavirus restrictions, Japanese baseball team Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks have come up with an imaginative replacement: dancing robots. Before their most recent Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) game against Rakuten Eagles on Tuesday, over 20 robots danced to the team’s fight song on a podium in theContinue reading “Japan: Dancing robots replace fans at baseball game”

Is Colin Kaepernick really being blackballed?

By: David L. Love/The Grio Is the NFL blackballing Colin Kaepernick because of his strong political stance in support of black people? What does this mean for other athlete-activists that dare to walk in his footsteps? This is one we need to examine closely, because African-American athletes have a long tradition of standing against injustice and theContinue reading “Is Colin Kaepernick really being blackballed?”

testosterone ON BROADWAY

What is :tes·tos·ter·one? http://www.merriam-webster.com says Testosterone is: 1.: a hormone that is a hydroxy steroid ketone C19H28O2produced especially by the testes or made synthetically and that is responsible for inducing and maintaining male secondary sex characters 2.: qualities (as brawn and aggressiveness) usually associated with males :  testosterone ON BROADWAY It was an impromptu stop.  I  needed a money order and stopped at a  checkContinue reading “testosterone ON BROADWAY”

Slam, but not quite a Dunk (Power Balance(The Name on the Kings Arena) files for bankruptcy protection)

It may not be a question of if, it simply may be a question of when. The Power Balance name has been on the building known for more than 20 years as Arco Arena since March.  The company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  The company knows for its bracelets  settled a  class action suit inContinue reading “Slam, but not quite a Dunk (Power Balance(The Name on the Kings Arena) files for bankruptcy protection)”

Sac Random: Peeing in the Sink

Through the years I’ve learned being the one of the last ones to leave a social event has its negatives.   Most of the fights take place towards the end of an event.  At closing time,  after he struck out for the umpteenth time or she thought you didn’t pay enough attention to her .  ByContinue reading “Sac Random: Peeing in the Sink”

Mayor KJ “Keeping Kings is Best day of his life” Are You Kidding Just saying for Monday, May 2 2011

His efforts to Keep the Kings in Sacramento is unprecedented, he and his staffers has assembled several teams focused on building a multi million dollar arena in this cash strapped community. Major Kevin Johnson should be proud,good job, well done. Pausing Pausing Pausing Something tells me the Maloof’s didn’t have the votes… So we have a year….  FansContinue reading “Mayor KJ “Keeping Kings is Best day of his life” Are You Kidding Just saying for Monday, May 2 2011″

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: It’s My Pleasure to Be Your Night Auditor

I also enjoy those imaginative little surpirzes you leave me in the stairwells. The unwrapped poopie diaper, the chucky vomit (which I find easier to clean than the puree type), and of course ,the night wouldn’t be complete if Ididn’t get to clean up a hallway full of chewed and spat out sunflower seed husks. My alltime favorite by far was the cleverly devised trail of partially sucked-on jelly beans during easter weekend that led me on a marry cleaning spree down two hallsways and up three flights of stairs ending at a colorful,sticky pile near your doorway. I wonder if you’d noticed your little dears were out on their own having such fun.