5 Lessons About Courage & Sacrifice We Can All Learn From Simone Biles

Photo: Kathy Hutchins/ShutterstockR By: Ruth Schimel PhD/yourtango.com Simone Biles’s recent choice to bow out of the Olympics is getting the … More

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL: It’s My Pleasure to Be Your Night Auditor

I also enjoy those imaginative little surpirzes you leave me in the stairwells. The unwrapped poopie diaper, the chucky vomit (which I find easier to clean than the puree type), and of course ,the night wouldn’t be complete if Ididn’t get to clean up a hallway full of chewed and spat out sunflower seed husks. My alltime favorite by far was the cleverly devised trail of partially sucked-on jelly beans during easter weekend that led me on a marry cleaning spree down two hallsways and up three flights of stairs ending at a colorful,sticky pile near your doorway. I wonder if you’d noticed your little dears were out on their own having such fun.