She took a BITE out of the Uber Driver

St Petersburg, Florida- Around 5ish- Saturday, April 17th, 2021 Dis Lady- 55 year old Michelle (I call her Claws) Stilwell Called Uber Ordered an Uber to her home. Michele sat behind the driver in his Toyota. According to the criminal complaint. While the car was in motion, she throttled the driver with her two handsContinue reading “She took a BITE out of the Uber Driver”

Look Out! She gotta a Tampon!

Warning: If you easily offended, grossed out. KEEP READING On Monday, St Petersburg, Florida Police was called to brawl in progress. Twenty eight year old Tecora Fields  was involved in the brawl. Andre Sousa  the officer investigating the brawl said, Tecora told the officer to “suck her pussy” and added  “I’ll hit you with myContinue reading “Look Out! She gotta a Tampon!”

Michael Jock,”Standing his Ground” at the Little Ceasars Pizza on 4th Street

St Petersburg, Florida, 49 year old Randal White was unhappy with the speed of the staff  at the  North Fourth Street  Little Caesars Pizza. Enter, 52 year old  Michael Jock, who basically said, “hey give them a break-they’re moving as fast as they can” Michael Jock Randal wanted Michael to butt out!  and the next thing youContinue reading “Michael Jock,”Standing his Ground” at the Little Ceasars Pizza on 4th Street”