Treyvon Martin II: Michael Dunn murder trial begins in Florida

Not getting the same media attention of the Trayvon Martin trail.  Jury selection began Monday in the trial of Michael Dunn, who faces first-degree murder charges for the November 2012 death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. Angela Corey, the Florida state attorney who prosecuted Mr. Zimmerman, is also the prosecutor in the Dunn trial. Mr. Dunn,Continue reading “Treyvon Martin II: Michael Dunn murder trial begins in Florida”

Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws aren’t going anywhere

Alvin Duplessis, 10, left, and Thomas McGriff, 5, foreground, hold signs with others from the Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries Church of New Orleans, at a rally held in reaction to the recent George Zimmerman acquittal in New Orleans, Saturday, July 20, 2013. The Rev. Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network organized “Justice for Trayvon” rallies nationwideContinue reading “Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws aren’t going anywhere”

Jordan Davis another 17,unarmed black teenager in Florida killed. Echos of Travon Martin

Like Travon Martin he was 17 when he was killed.  Like Travon Martin he was unarmed and like Travon Martin, the killer said he was in fear of his life.  That’s where the similarities end. Today 17 year old Jordan Davis was laid to rest today at his mother church in Powder Springs, Ga. HisContinue reading “Jordan Davis another 17,unarmed black teenager in Florida killed. Echos of Travon Martin”

Zimmerman-Martin It’s not always Race

If you are black/African American you may view the murder of Treyvon Martins as just one more example of a devalued black person. Another black man, another African american, a teenager killed because he was black…. Most americans are outraged by the events in Florida.   There are also  many white americans who believe Treyvon Martin actions may have contributed  to his death.  Continue reading “Zimmerman-Martin It’s not always Race”