Sacramento Downtown Arena : (Thoughts of Stockton) Voters should Approve Funding

Sacramentans can exhale, the Kings are staying and the Maloof‘s are gone.  Mayor Johnson  efforts must be commended . Once the celebrating ends and the last bit of purple confetti is swept away, reality begins. A few weeks after the council approved a non binding  $258 million term sheet.  City Manager John Shirey told theContinue reading “Sacramento Downtown Arena : (Thoughts of Stockton) Voters should Approve Funding”

Stockton’s Bad Rep

What does The City of Stockton and Lindsay Lohan have in common?   Anytime they’re in the press, its bad press.   For Stockton, that means someone was robbed, or murdered.  Good news is in short supply in this city of three hundred thousand.     Last Sunday my friends and I toured the city.Continue reading “Stockton’s Bad Rep”

Sacramento’s Arena at Downtown Plaza: “Feel Free to Panic”

Last year it seemed all pieces for the Downtown Arena at the Railyards had a place.   With all the contributors identified, Sacramento‘s contribution would have been  250 million dollars. Fast Forward to March 2013.   The Sacramento Kings are not simply moving  out of town, they are up for sale.  While Sacramento has bidders in placeContinue reading “Sacramento’s Arena at Downtown Plaza: “Feel Free to Panic””

Build the Arena at Downtown Plaza*

We have long opposed  of the construction of an arena  in downtown Sacramento.  We have argued need, cost, and investment to the community.     This financially strapped city had spent more than a million dollars on studies related to the Arena. The Railyards Through the years there  have  many locations considered for a new Arena including Downtown Plaza.  However, city leadersContinue reading “Build the Arena at Downtown Plaza*”

Planned Obsolescence: Sacramento Arena (Just saying for Monday, June 6,2011)

If the new Sacramento Arena opened today in the Railyards it would be second smallest in the NBA, just above the Power Balance Arena.  When Thomas Enterpriseses bought the 240 acre Railyards in 2006, his vision was for a mixed use community combining residential, commercial projects with entertainment venues, museums, and public parks with accessible public transportation. Continue reading “Planned Obsolescence: Sacramento Arena (Just saying for Monday, June 6,2011)”

The City of Stockton needs to hold Giant Bake Sale

With a population of nearly three hundred thousand Stockton California is the state’s 13th largest city.    Within it’s 75 miles  is the busiest Inland Port in the State, it is home to the University of the Pacific and an ambishous Arena, Hotel ,Marina and BallPark has transformed downtown. Build it and they will come didn’t happenContinue reading “The City of Stockton needs to hold Giant Bake Sale”

Time has come to eradicate Rich City Syndrome

The city of Stockton has been on the road to ruin for years. And instead of veering off, or at least slowing, the people we put in the driver’s seat cranked up the radio and hit the gas. The latest scandal involves the city’s crushing $544 million bill coming due for the health care ofContinue reading “Time has come to eradicate Rich City Syndrome”