Stockton’s Trump? Mayor Silva’s Hippity Hoppity Ride

Last April, In a mayoral debate with Councilman Michael Tubbs, Stockton’s Mayor Silva said he was Stockton first black mayor. This was in response to Tubbs statement : he was surprised Stockton never had a black mayor. Silva: “I think I said, I’m not African American, but I’m pretty darn close. Quite frankly, I could beContinue reading “Stockton’s Trump? Mayor Silva’s Hippity Hoppity Ride”

Toronto Has Rob Ford-San Joaquin County, Cailfornia Could Have Gary Hickey

By CityFella Rob Ford, Toronto Canada’s infamous Mayor known for public drunkenness, driving under the influence and  you tube videos. where he was filmed smoking crack cocaine.   Mayor Ford is currently in Rehab, and intend to run for re-election. Three thousand miles west of Toronto is Lodi, California the home of  Attorney and formerContinue reading “Toronto Has Rob Ford-San Joaquin County, Cailfornia Could Have Gary Hickey”

Where is Richard Pan? Lodi want to know

BY: CityFella Elected less than a year ago. Few have seen or heard of Assemblyman Richard Pan. 9th Assembly District reaches from Sacramento to Lodi.   Few of the areas leaders have met the assemblyman.   He has not responded to invitations  or attended  any community meetings leaving many frustrated as he is their linkContinue reading “Where is Richard Pan? Lodi want to know”

Sacramento Downtown Arena : (Thoughts of Stockton) Voters should Approve Funding

Sacramentans can exhale, the Kings are staying and the Maloof‘s are gone.  Mayor Johnson  efforts must be commended . Once the celebrating ends and the last bit of purple confetti is swept away, reality begins. A few weeks after the council approved a non binding  $258 million term sheet.  City Manager John Shirey told theContinue reading “Sacramento Downtown Arena : (Thoughts of Stockton) Voters should Approve Funding”

Caught on video- Thieving teacher gets paycheck!

You gotta love living in America. Where else could Jo Ann Maxwell  a Physical Education teacher receive a paycheck, after she was filmed by a student at Linden High School  allegedly rummaging and removing items from  student backpacks and pockets. Linden, California is an hour southeast of Sacramento.  2000 people call Linden home.  For weeks some of the students at the schoolContinue reading “Caught on video- Thieving teacher gets paycheck!”