Disco Nights At “Dance Your Ass off Incorporated, San Francisco”

                  It wasn’t about smoking, buying a drink, I just wanted to dance. My roommate Jennifer introduced me to Disco.  She had this wild fascination with drag queen’s, especially black drag Queens.   At one forty five am, we would walk down street to the Foster’s Restaurant atContinue reading “Disco Nights At “Dance Your Ass off Incorporated, San Francisco””

57 Years Old and Hittin the Clubs

I love dancing, LUUUUV dancing.  I came up during the disco era.  I wore custom clothes, I designed a bullet proof polyester sleeveless jumpsuit.  I also had a custom vest ,on the back of my vest read  “The City” (that was the name of a popular disco in North beach San Francisco) Doctor Disco M.D.Continue reading “57 Years Old and Hittin the Clubs”