merry STUPID christmas (self inflected wounds)

  Its 2018, another year filled with stupid adults who shouldn’t leave their homes without professional supervision. _____________________________________________________   Despite all the warnings, every year shoppers fill the cars with gifts and return to the mall to shop.  Once their shopping is completed they return to an empty car with a broken window.   At anContinue reading “merry STUPID christmas (self inflected wounds)”

One Hundred Thousand Dollar Stupid Silly Punk

This is a picture of Andre Curry’ 22 month old  daughter.   A picture Andre proudly posted in Facebook. Police arrested  him and he sits in Cook County Jail in lieu of 100,000 bond  for domestic battery.   If released from custody, the Applebee’s employee may not have contact with his 22-month-old daughter (or any other childContinue reading “One Hundred Thousand Dollar Stupid Silly Punk”