what if he wants to die?

My neighbor approached me yesterday about a neighbor who is in his eighties.   He wants to die she said.  he leaves his door open, he is not eating, his friend is doing everything for him, but he wants to die.  He’s not doing well, he can’t walk without falling down.   I don’t know what toContinue reading “what if he wants to die?”

Sweden: Taxi Therapy

The Local’s Oliver Gee prepares to take the taxi ride Last week we reported that a taxi company in Stockholm was offering free therapy sessions for customers. So many of you were interested in the idea that we sent The Local’s Oliver Gee for a spin. By: Oliver Gee/The Local Swedes have a reputation forContinue reading “Sweden: Taxi Therapy”

Russian Watchdog Shuts Down 5,000 Websites That Promote Suicide

Jiri Hodan / Wikicommons A recent survey by the World Health Organization shows Russia continues to experience particularly high levels of suicide. Moscow Times Russia’s consumer protection watchdog said Monday it has shut down almost 5,000 websites found to promote suicide since the introduction of a law allowing the agency to do so without a court order. Speaking ahead of World Suicide PreventionContinue reading “Russian Watchdog Shuts Down 5,000 Websites That Promote Suicide”