Big Luxury SUV’s “Detroit is Crushing Competition”

Top Row, Lincoln Black Label Navigator Bottom Row Cadillac Escapade  By Phoebe Wall Howard, Detroit Free Press Detroit knows big SUVs.  It knows how to make ’em. It knows how to sell ’em. Automakers based in Detroit or Dearborn have built nearly one of every three large luxury SUVs sold this year. Still, orders for the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac EscaladeContinue reading “Big Luxury SUV’s “Detroit is Crushing Competition””

BIG MAN RIDES 2014 Ford Escape

I’m not a fan of Sport Utilities Vehicles.  First and foremost, they’re not much fun to drive, they are not fuel efficient, and not especially roomy( Mini vans  generally offer much more room take up less space and drink less gas). However, they make a lot of money for the auto industry anywhere from 5Continue reading “BIG MAN RIDES 2014 Ford Escape”

We Haven’t Changed Our Thirsty Ways, Baby!

By: CityFella Its nearly 19 feet long , over 6 and a half feet wide, more than 6 feet tall and weighs nearly 3 tons and General Motors is selling nearly every one they can build. The Suburban, and its twins the GMC Yukon and soon to be released Cadillac Escalade are extremely popular andContinue reading “We Haven’t Changed Our Thirsty Ways, Baby!”