As Europe comes out of lockdown, what lessons can be learned from Sweden?

Life is still not normal in Sweden and there are big drawbacks to the looser strategy, but we can learn from what has and hasn’t worked here. Photo: Jessica Gow / TT By: Catherine Edwards/The Local As countries across Europe ease their coronavirus lockdowns, many may look to Sweden to see how the Scandinavian countryContinue reading “As Europe comes out of lockdown, what lessons can be learned from Sweden?”

Norway youth now ‘too lazy’ to take Swedes’ café jobs: lobby group

Two staff (nationality unknown) in Oslo’s Kaffebrenneriet café. Photo: Kaffebrenneriet From:  The Local’ Norway Young Norwegians are so spoiled that most no longer consider jobs in cafés or restaurants now staffed largely by Swedes, the head of Norway’s national business lobby group has complained. “We have started to see it as quite natural that thereContinue reading “Norway youth now ‘too lazy’ to take Swedes’ café jobs: lobby group”

How I tackled life in Sweden as an Indian woman

   Vanitha Durai explains how she managed to get Indian women in Gothenburg to form a strong online community. MY SWEDISH CAREER: The Local speaks with Vanitha Durai, an Indian Volvo Cars worker in Gothenburg who started a popular community for Indian women in Gothenburg. From: The Local Sweden So what do you do whenContinue reading “How I tackled life in Sweden as an Indian woman”

They found love during a layover

Justus and Emma A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together – now they’re heading for marriage Closeness, selflessness, and pleasure; falling in love is a strange but wonderful human experience. It is a state of intimacy that we relish living, but due to its abstract nature we rarely pay attention to it.Continue reading “They found love during a layover”

Sweden’s Ice Hotel offers a chillin’ good time

Recently voted “Best experience in Sweden” at the TRIP Global award, the Swedish Ice Hotel is still a hot destination among travellers around the world. Contributor Malin Nyberg jumped on a plane to Kiruna to see what all the fuss is about. By:Malin Nyberg/The Local   “Can you get frostbite from -7? Would it be romantic to be hereContinue reading “Sweden’s Ice Hotel offers a chillin’ good time”

Sweden: Get off! Bus driver kicks off 19 pre-school kids

Three adults and 19 children under the age of five were told to leave a bus in southern Sweden and were forced to walk 2.5 miles when the driver complained that the school’s collective ticket was  ($4.60) short. With the exception of two children who were one-year-olds and in push chairs, all of the young Malmö passengersContinue reading “Sweden: Get off! Bus driver kicks off 19 pre-school kids”

Isn’t it time to start Importing Husbands ?

After applauding a woman at a dinner party for importing her husband, love columnist Emilia Millicent faced a social fallout that confused her dearly. Why are binational marriages such an issue in Sweden?  Last year, I had the scary fortune of spending an entire weekend with women I did not know. Our mutual friend wasContinue reading “Isn’t it time to start Importing Husbands ?”

One in five Thai parlours in Sweden offers ‘happy ending’

Every fifth Thai massage parlour in Malmö, southern Sweden, accepts requests for sexual gratification at the end of a session, a Swedish newspaper reported on Thursday. The news comes following the Sydsvenskan newspaper‘s probe into illegal prostitution among the Thai massage parlours in Malmö, Sweden‘s third largest city. Local police receive “several tip-offs a week” but do notContinue reading “One in five Thai parlours in Sweden offers ‘happy ending’”

Man gets payout for not shaking woman’s hand

A town in western Sweden has agreed to pay damages to a man who was told he wouldn’t be hired if he refused to shake a woman’s hand for religious reasons. The decision by officials in  Trollhattan,Sweden to pay the man  ($4,500) means the municipality won’t have to face a review of the case by Sweden’s EqualityContinue reading “Man gets payout for not shaking woman’s hand”

Ouch! Man grabs woman’s behind-Woman slaps man.Woman pays fine

A 23-year-old woman who slapped a man in the face after he grabbed her rear end has been convicted of assault by a court in southern Sweden. The 27-year-old who made the unwanted move escaped charges for the incident after a preliminary criminal investigation was dropped. “This goes to show that it’s okay for guysContinue reading “Ouch! Man grabs woman’s behind-Woman slaps man.Woman pays fine”