The Spartanburg South Carolina Not Famous Yet! Taco Bell Burrito Assault

While the assault pictures were too graphic and not actually available for The Sacratomatoville Post ,we can describe it for you with our cut and paste magic!
 Persons with vivid imaginations may benefit from this tragic and burning story.
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Okay! We’ll Tell ya!


The Manager of the Spartanburg Taco Bell Patricia Keeley 

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Note: This isn’t Patrica Keeley.  I have no idea what she looks like.   Its a random picture taken from Google  I liked her smile.  Notice how she is holding her finger…  Cute Right?   Check out the worker behind the counter. AS IF….   

Back 2 da Story 

Monday afternoon.  Patrica (pre burrito burn) told her staff member.   A formally mild mannered  Christopher Dalton Image result for taco bell manager

Another random Google pic.  I have no idea who he is either, But he looks happy.  

She changed his work schedule. Chris didn’t like this news and was top level PISSED!   There were random heated angry words with his co-workers.  Then Keeley went for the juggler, she told him to stop being a…….

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Related image

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Chris threw a burrito at his boss. 


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 This is actually a picture of Melania Trump after learning she had to share a bed with Donald tonight !



Focus-nnnnnnnnnnnnnn back 


Keeley told police “the HOT melted cheese got all over her left arm and went all down her left side and leg.  There was cheese everywhere all over the appliances.


Chris wasn’t done!   Keeley said, he took off his headset and threw it on the ground causing it to break into several pieces and walked out! 

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Police is charging Chris Dalton with misdemeanor assault Image result for spartanburg sc police department

For a few seconds Patrica Keeley can say she had HOTT LEGS!!!!!

Hott Legs

Please direct all my hate mail to Donald J Trump, he has way changing events, “This isn’t hate mail, these are love poems from voters who love me.!




Taco Bell Taco Bell Taco Bell Dammit!

It’s Saturday Night in Lakeland, Tennessee an 22 year old Logan Bagley has a hankerin for some Taco Bell.  A real hankerin!

But the 22 year old didn’t have cash!


Logan was having a full meltdown a Taco Bell withdrawal* which got the attention of their neighbor who stepped out on her porch.  In their garage, she witnessed Logan take out his aggression on a defenseless freezer (that probably never harmed anyone since that unfortunate incident in 2009) with something that looked like a golf club, then the garage door closed.


taco bell! Taco Bell! TACO BELL!

He wanted his mom’s debit card so he could get TACO “DAMM” BELL!

She told him there was no money in the account, but he took it anyway!


The Heartbreak of Decline!

Logan presented his mother’s credit card and …………..

Denied!  Logan was enraged and confronted his mother in their garage. He struck her in the head with a hockey stick and KNOCKED HER OUT!

The police were called…

Mr Badgley told the police he had a few drinks. The police took the hockey stick into evidence and noticed his mom had a one inch  laceration to the head.

Wonder if there is a “Taco Bell ” in the Shelby County Jail?

Charged with aggravated assault, Shelby County Jail is Logan’s home (unless someone other than his mom can bond him out) until his November 1 court date.

* Shelby County does have twelve step meetings to combat Taco Bell Withdrawal.



Hoping the hitting will stop

Craving something sweet, I stopped at one of my favorite Markets in Natomas.  While I was cruising the bakery, a woman ran into the store saying a man was attacking a woman outside.    The Security Guard and  a few us  ran outside and found a man aggressively yelling and pushing a crying young  pregnant woman.

The Security Guard walked between the couple. While other people retreated, I stayed nearby.   What I’ve learned through the years is domestic situations are very dangerous, as any one at anytime could turn of the Security Guard and make the Security Guard the perpetrator, so from a distance I followed.

The male barked at the Guard as they walked toward the Taco Bell in the shopping center, the young woman was sobbing as they walked.  Another, lady (I’m assuming the mother)  insisted the couple get into the car and they left the shopping center.

A lady in a SUV thanked the Security Guard for watching out for the customers  and making the store safe.

Standing outside the entrance  he and I started talking.    He thanked me for following them and my concern for his welfare.     “I hate men beating on women”  he said.   My father shot and killed my mother and even today, two of my brothers beat on their girlfriends.

I shared my experience with domestic violence.    A family member who routinely beat his wife   I told him his wife’s family telling her to stay, because at least she has a husband and then watching their child being physically abused by men in her life.

I remember seeing a colleague coming in with a pound of foundation to cover the daily scars created by her unemployed husband.

Another woman pawing her jewelry to help her abuser escape to Alabama for beating her.

I told him of a time where there were no real consequences for men who beat women in this country.

As we talk I sensed he was not only angry with his dad, but very angry with his mother.

Violence  is often learned, handed down by generations of children, Who watched, listened to their  mothers being abused by a male.   Lying down the foundation for their future.  (its not what you say)

WE agreed  that punks (men who beat women and others smaller or weaker then themselves )   I often found violent men insecure, I’ve never met one who would physically challenge an equal and the women they batter, are often intellectually superior.

For year’s, I attempted to rescue friends only to have them to return to their  abusive situations  Often within hours of finding them a safe place.  Today the  the shelter closed.

When I was young my mother told me a story about my dad. He died when I was very young.     She told me, many of his friends and family members kept their women in line and resented her very outspoken mouth.   One day he told her she better watch herself.   She said she told him…  ” He could hit her and he could beat her ass, but one thing he had to do, was sleep”    She said. ” your father would cuss me out and I would cuss back at him, but one thing he did not do, was hit me.

The Security Guard asked, if I had any female children and what I would do if a man hit them.      I told him, I didn’t know.   The oldest one, has a sawed off baseball bat at work   and something in her trunk (I don’t wanna know)  and the younger one has a lot of her grandmother in her, so I am more concerned about the health of her boyfriend.

Through the years ,some survivors have told me, that they loved the perpetrator more then they loved themselves or their children.  They believed, if they do everything he wants  and all that he has asked, it will be proof that they love them.    However in time, they learned the perpetrator often doesn’t love himself.

They simply have hope, eternal hope, hoping one day the hitting will stop.

The Guard said he needed to hear that.   I thought about old friends and went back into the store and bought a danish.

Please Double Check, Triple Check, Michael Smiths Order

Someone didn’t.   Michael Smith was NOT happy with the Huber Heights Ohio, Taco Bell.   His order was one ninety nine cents taco short.    In angry protest the 23 year old drove his white pickup through the entrance of the store.

Taco Bell workers called the Police and reported the truck stuck in the store’s entrance.  Mr Smith fled the scene before the officers arrived .  Cops tracked a fluid trail leaking from the vehicle to Smith’s home, where he was arrested.

Smith, cops noted, admitted “intentionally striking the building after realizing he did not get one of the tacos he ordered.”

Michael Smith was arrested for felony vandalism.    No word on if he ever got da taco.


Italian Food worthy of the drive: The Venticello: San Francisco

First of all, I heard about the restaurant from my former wife and current daughter who heard about the restaurant from a friend. (whew) All of them great fans, travel from Sacramento to Nob Hill.

The restaurant is located on the corner of Taylor and Washington and parking is more than challenging,typical San Francisco (so park elsewhere and take a cab or public transportation.

The setting is romantic. Staff warm and attentive.

We began our meal with MELANZANE RIPIENE which was Two Grilled Eggplant Rolls with Ricotta and Mascarpone in a Marinara Sauce (this was an OMG moment-where the taste effects your eyes its hit the table good)

I ordered my daughters favorite,GNOCCHI AI FUNGHI
My daughter ordered FETTUCINE CON SALSICCIA (my first choice)

Gorgonzola must be approached with caution, I thought the mushroom sauce, had a burnt flavor, my daughter who is a huge fan of Gnocchi said it was perfect.

I thought her Fettuccine was perfect, the waitress asked us if we were enjoying our meal. I told her my Gnocchi was okay. She said that wasn’t good enough,explaining -they wanted you to love the meal, and even though I had eaten nearly half the meal, she asked If I wanted something else. I immediately said the Fettuccine. Which I LOVED!

The bread is wonderful, the meal and the service was impeccable.

It’s sad, many people believe the “Olive Garden” is real Italian food. The Olive Garden is as Italian as Taco Bell is Mexican.

Pricing for our meal was in range for the setting about $80.

One word for the Venticello, Go

1257 Taylor Street (Taylor & Washington)

San Francisco,94108

(415) 922-2545 (Reservations)