When America shopped at Sears J.C Penney’s and Macy’s at the Mall

There was a time in America when people lived just outside the Central City. The Central City was the hub for retail and entertainment. Over time families left the Central  City for larger and less expensive homes in the suburbs and one by one,retail followed them.    I can clearly remember when J.C. Penney’s closedContinue reading “When America shopped at Sears J.C Penney’s and Macy’s at the Mall”


There was a time in my life when it was all about the Mall. I enjoyed the energy, the Mr’s Fields Cookies, and it was a good place to meet people and to people watch.   If I were on vacation, I took out the Yellow Pages and researched the malls in the area, oftenContinue reading “Doorbuster”

Target Failure in Canada: A Opinion From Vancouver

  Shelley Fralic: Top 5 reasons why Target Canada was an epic failure Empty shelves and severe lack of ambiance were only part of the problem   It’s noon, Thursday. I am standing in the curtains aisle at Target in Metrotown, the biggest, busiest mall in the province with more than 400 stores.That includes anchorContinue reading “Target Failure in Canada: A Opinion From Vancouver”

Black Friday 2014: Are you in or Over it?

Arden Fair Mall-Sacramento  Black Friday,2013  picture KCRA By CityFella Last year holidays shopping season wasn’t a good one for the nations retailers. Black Friday sales were down. Shoppers held out for bargains and found them throughout the season. Urban Camping Black Friday has become a tradition for many families. Generations armed with turkey cran, andContinue reading “Black Friday 2014: Are you in or Over it?”

Katt Williams to Sacramento Judge “I want to apologize,I don’t need this. This has already cost me a $20 million tour.

 Katt Williams, left, and attorney Harris Taback Superior Court Judge Laurel White wasn’t impressed.   A warrant was issued after Williams blew off  the court three times. Williams crime in the big tomato, was driving a three wheeled motorcycle on city sidewalks.  Mr Williams went through a few red lights with the Highway Patrol in pursuit. His attorney saidContinue reading “Katt Williams to Sacramento Judge “I want to apologize,I don’t need this. This has already cost me a $20 million tour.”

Lifestyle Changes (shopping closer to home)

For decades ,Wal Mart “America’s retailer” built its stores on the edge of town where land cost were low.   People drove across town to shop at its stores. Rising gas prices is slowly reshaping where we shop.    Driving cross town can reverse cost savings as a result many american’s are shopping closer toContinue reading “Lifestyle Changes (shopping closer to home)”

Sacrandom: Radiation,Rihanna,and Heads of Lettuce

Two heads are better than one: David and Goliath (The Dollar Stores vs Wally Mart)  Wally is not having a good time.  He’s being attacked on all fronts.   Consumerist.com called it the worst store in America.  Its the least loved store on Social Media. Its being sued for discrimination by more than one million women.  SurveysContinue reading “Sacrandom: Radiation,Rihanna,and Heads of Lettuce”

Low, low prices: Target beats Wal-Mart

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Wal-Mart’s slogan may be “Save Money. Live Better,” but rival Target is challenging it by offering even lower prices on everyday products. Two recent price comparisons of grocery and household goods revealed that Target’s prices are lower than at No. 1 retailer Wal-Mart. Craig Johnson, president of retail consulting firm CustomerContinue reading “Low, low prices: Target beats Wal-Mart”

Your Local Supermarket may soon be a part of History

There was a time in America ,not long ago,milk and other dairy products where delivered to your home, you went to the bakery for bread, to the butchers for meat, and to a produce stand for your fruits and vegetables. It is said in 1916, Clarence Saunders opened the  first supermarket in Memphis Tennessee, oneContinue reading “Your Local Supermarket may soon be a part of History”