For Every Win    Someone must fail There comes a point when  When we Exhale  DEMOCRATS WIN THE HOUSE   223  DEMS ✓GOP 199   Americans voted and history was made last night.    Two Muslim women were elected to congress.  Rashida Tlaib(D) a Palestinian-American representing Michigan’s 13th district. Ilhan Omar(D) a Somali American representing Minnesota’s fifth congressionalContinue reading “EXHALE”


BOOM! Photo: Washington Post Disgraceful, Not Your Father’s Presidential Campain Former Florida Congressmen and Host of MSNBC’s  Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough tweeted last night ” This is a disgrace” referring to last nights GOP Debate  in Houston. Yes it was, and it was inevitable.  If the GOP is concerned about Donald Trump and his affect on theContinue reading “THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK! Gop Debate in Texas”

‘Donald Trump, I Love You,’ Said No Latino Ever !!

By:Ceder Attanasio/Latin times.com Republican, businessman and technical presidential candidate Donald Trump told reporters following a presidential announcement speech on Tuesday that  “Latinos Love”  him. In Mexico and across Latin America, actual clowns also run for office as a publicity stunt but they’re open about it. They wear face red noses and large shoes, joke with reporters sometimes wearContinue reading “‘Donald Trump, I Love You,’ Said No Latino Ever !!”

Photo Fun with Senator and Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

By CityFella In a second, it annoys you.   Just a single second. I’m channel surfing and there he was in HD. Grabbing a black student for a photo opp.   Who could be a supporter, but from the body language, he was the most convenient  black. The poor guy looked loss and it annoyedContinue reading “Photo Fun with Senator and Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz”