Germany: hits back at bullying

Bullying stock photo: Shutterstock As footage of violent attacks on children by their peers increasingly finds its way onto the internet, a court in Lower Saxony on Monday handed three-year sentences to perpetrators of a May assault on a 14-year-old girl. It was only by chance that the victim did not suffer serious and potentiallyContinue reading “Germany: hits back at bullying”

Family Matters: Its Not Fair

  How would you divide 2 pieces of cake between 2 siblings? When it comes down to it, fairness is the name of the game.   BY:Shimrit Nothman/Jerusalem Post  According to my three year old, you need to precisely portion the two pieces and then hand him the bigger slice. Children have their own way ofContinue reading “Family Matters: Its Not Fair”

Did too much porn…….

Enlarge(Credit: gremlin via iStock) Like other boys my age, I grew up with unlimited access to smut. At 23, I wonder if it’s totally screwed me up It was the era of Kazaa and we knew no better. Among my group of male friends at my austere private elementary school, watching, discussing and even sharing pornography became aContinue reading “Did too much porn…….”

Teacher watchdog writes soft porn for teens

  The longtime chair of discipline at the Ontario College of Teachers is the co-author of a soft porn book for teens that chronicles the sexy adventures of Grade 9 girls and boys at a mythical Toronto high school. The Sexteens and the Fake Goddess is a lurid tale of striptease, breast fondling, bum grabbing,Continue reading “Teacher watchdog writes soft porn for teens”

If you want this phone-you’ll have to get it from my cold dead body

A teenaged girl from New York was arrested on disorderly conduct charges after she refused to give her father her cell phone while shopping at Providence Place mall Saturday evening. Police officers patroling the mall noticed a man dragging the girl by her hand while she was on the ground, according to police reports. AsContinue reading “If you want this phone-you’ll have to get it from my cold dead body”