Buy Racial

Have you noticed an increase in interracial commercials? Last night, I saw a commercial featuring a Indian man and a white woman. It not just whites and blacks, its Hispanics and blacks, Hispanics and whites, Asians and whites and it’s goes on. Initially, I thought it was a Sacramento phenom. Sactown is culturally diverse andContinue reading “Buy Racial”

Marsha! Marsha! MARSHA! Maureen McCormick ‘lucky’ to be alive after years of drug abuse

Photo: Google She’s been on the straight and narrow for 35 years, but getting there wasn’t easy. In an ET Online interview released on Thursday, Maureen McCormick said she’s “lucky to be alive” after struggling with addiction for several years. “I am so lucky to be here, alive, and I feel like my mind isContinue reading “Marsha! Marsha! MARSHA! Maureen McCormick ‘lucky’ to be alive after years of drug abuse”

RHOA: S8 EP17 (Finale) Ho! Ho! Ho’s!!

Last night and final episode in a shorten season was okay. For me the night belonged to Ms Phaedra Parks , giving us Bette Davis (Is she a Evil women capable of dropping a dime on her friends? or is she a simple Christian Attorney rasing two boys on her own? ) Most of theContinue reading “RHOA: S8 EP17 (Finale) Ho! Ho! Ho’s!!”

Who is Cristela Alonzo? And why is she the Latina in Charge? (LIC)

By Cityfella 46 years ago, ” Julia premiered on NBC.   Its was the first television show featuring a black person non stereotypical role.  Diahann Carroll was a nurse in a Doctors office. Poor People Don’t Dream Cristela Alonzo was born 35 years ago in San Juan, a small town in South Texas near theContinue reading “Who is Cristela Alonzo? And why is she the Latina in Charge? (LIC)”

Celebrity Apprentice and then there were 2 “Arsenio and Clay” Yawn…..

Fans of reality TV, watch for the drama.   The show sputters along without it    With the exception of last season’s amazing cast, the Celebrity Apprentice has been sputtering along for the last few years , and while the boardroom is always dramatic, its not enough. This year the Trumpster, hoping lighting would strikeContinue reading “Celebrity Apprentice and then there were 2 “Arsenio and Clay” Yawn…..”

Oh Lawd, won’t you buy me a 80inch screen, My friends all have 50’s I have to be seen

Logic Smogic!  Consumer Reports and all the leading  Audio/Video magazines  say’s based on my room size I shouldn’t buy a TV larger than a 46 inch set.   A screen too large could cause eye strain and headaches. Hell, I’m a man, when it come to size we  want the biggest.   It’s like a car,Continue reading “Oh Lawd, won’t you buy me a 80inch screen, My friends all have 50’s I have to be seen”

Dana Carvey replacing Regis?

Dana Carvey known for impersonating Regis Philbin, and now, he’s in the mix to step into Philbin’s shoes on “Live! with Regis and Kelly,” sources say. While the search to find a Reeg replacement is still in early stages, Carvey has popped on producers’ radar after names including Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa’sContinue reading “Dana Carvey replacing Regis?”

Desperate Housewives: When must see TV is painful TV

Sorry Gabby, Sorry Bree, Sorry Lynette and Susan.  I keep clicking my heels hoping that a tornado permanently destroys Wisteria Lane , so I can remove you from my Hulu Queue. Once a part of my must see TV,along with the original Law and Order, Grey’s Anatomy, you have become  painful to watch. Writer,producer Marc Cherry has run outContinue reading “Desperate Housewives: When must see TV is painful TV”

TV Review: “The New Girl”

Fox and everybody else is overusing the term “adorable” to describe Zooey Deschanel in New Girl, but then again, she’s pretty damn adorable. And that might be the ticket (and the magic) for this mostly romantic comedy. Fox has taken to calling Deschanel “adorkable” — and that works, too, because she plays a dorky butContinue reading “TV Review: “The New Girl””