Why Do People Still Go to Dollywood?

By: Victoria Bekiempis/Newsweek.com The main parkway through Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, population 6,036, is lined with dinner theater venues and theme-based museums. The Titanic Museum, for example, looks like the doomed ship, and Jaws, a big-box gift shop with a great-white-shaped entrance, promises LIVE SHARKS. Inside, there is indeed an aquarium where creatures that look likeContinue reading “Why Do People Still Go to Dollywood?”

He wanted that ATM kinda Love

CHEESY ALERT “you were warned” By:CityFella Forty nine year old Lonnie Huttonof Nashville,Tennessee.  Needed, wanted,love last Friday night.   Lonnie went where  a lot of men who are looking for love go.     A  bar where people meet and greet.  This bar…. The Boro Bar and Grill on Greenland Dr  is located across the streetContinue reading “He wanted that ATM kinda Love”

Canning Her Life Away in Cleveland Tennessee

Most people keep their cars in a two-car garage. Shirley Shadden’s car is squeezed into a space between shelves and shelves of canned food. “I like to see my shelves full when wintertime comes,” she said. Canning is the way to go for delicious food year-round, she added. Raised on a 600-acre farm at CandiesContinue reading “Canning Her Life Away in Cleveland Tennessee”

Did Sacramento Leaders Negotiate the Best Arena Deal For The City? A look at the last 10 NBA Arena Deals

Is the proposed arena deal good for Sacramento? We took a look at the last 10 NBA arenas opened or renovated 1999 to 2012.  The economic crisis has had a major effect on local government, cities have made severe cuts to services.    Most professional sport venues opened after 2007  were financed with private dollars,Continue reading “Did Sacramento Leaders Negotiate the Best Arena Deal For The City? A look at the last 10 NBA Arena Deals”

No More late night TV For Jeremiah Hartline…..

Last month This man Jeremiah Hartline 19, from Tennessee said, these kind of  people (The Walking Dead) Were chasing him and [were] clinging to the truck,”Hartline swerved the truck side to side to shake the Zombies off.”  Resulting  in  Several Crashes on I-15 near Temecula, California  Until the rig he was driving overturned  Jeremiah collided with 5 vehicles and 6Continue reading “No More late night TV For Jeremiah Hartline…..”