Snow in Vegas, Jail time for Jussie?, Rookie Knock Out in Jersey

Put on your mittens and just get happy, its just another Vegas day!  Forget the Bikini clad bodies around the pool and make yourself a snowball, your friends in Minnesota will be jealous.   Fabulous Las Vegas is gonna get its second dusting of  snow this week.  If your in town for the week I’m sureContinue reading “Snow in Vegas, Jail time for Jussie?, Rookie Knock Out in Jersey”

Celebrity Apprentice “Dead Woman Squawking”

Come on,from the moment Teresa Guidice volunteered  to be project manager  against Mount Lisa Lampanelli  you knew she was road kill. Perhaps she should have turned over a few cameras.  From the onset Mt Lisa toyed with the Housewife of New Jersey. The task, was to create a four page campaign for the CHI Touch Digital Touchscreen hair dryer whichContinue reading “Celebrity Apprentice “Dead Woman Squawking””

RHONJ: It’s a Family Brawl

Ain’t no drama like family drama cause family drama don’t stop!  Danielle is gone and for those who worried about the drama factor, you have no worries.  It was on and poppin last night ..The new cast members of  the RHONJ are related.   Melissa Gorga is married to Teresa Guidice’s brother(Joe)  and Kathy Wakile isContinue reading “RHONJ: It’s a Family Brawl”

RHOA Season 3 Finale: High Drama/High Style

A million dollar dream wedding planned.  A couple of days before,  you dont have the cash to pay the bar tab.  No cash for wedding bans. Just months before you discover your fiancées business is failing taking your life savings with it.   Your close friends and family are suddenly not as excited as you aboutContinue reading “RHOA Season 3 Finale: High Drama/High Style”