Australian Court found a text message is valid will

THE text message was just a draft. It had been left unsent. It’s intention was controversial. A 55-year-old man who took his own life a year ago had addressed the phone text message to his brother. It declared his brother and nephew should “keep all that I have”. “You and (nephew) keep all that IContinue reading “Australian Court found a text message is valid will”

Sexual Saturdays: Your cell phone just may be ruining your love life

Look at this picture, are you in here.  All of these glowing people are interacting, but not with each other. It’s a phenomenon, people who can’t seem to function without their cell phones.   You’ve seen them in restaurants, clubs, or simply walking down the street looking directly at the phones  and to avoid head on collisions, the worldContinue reading “Sexual Saturdays: Your cell phone just may be ruining your love life”

5 Dating Traditions You Can Break

Get down on one knee to get her down the aisle. A new study from the University of California, Santa Cruz found that both men and women still want the guy to be the one to propose. In fact, not a single person reported that they’d “definitely” want the woman to do it. But whenContinue reading “5 Dating Traditions You Can Break”

3 Texts You Should Never Send

A few weeks ago, my friend got a text from a guy she’d just met: “I so want to do you right now!” Horrified, she called me. “Can you believe it?” she asked. “No!” I said. “Finally, a guy who says what he means when he texts.” Here’s the problem with your text messages, guys:Continue reading “3 Texts You Should Never Send”