Turkey on Turkey Day? No Thanks! “Sorry not Sorry”

Tomorrow, there will be complete meltdowns, screaming, shouting and possibly fighting all over America  The Holiday season is perfect, for year long or permanent resentments because you chose to have Thanksgiving with the in laws or another family.   Someone may resent your absence . The fact that you couldn’t afford the flight this year isContinue reading “Turkey on Turkey Day? No Thanks! “Sorry not Sorry””

Adventures in Online Dating 2014D: Calling 911 He Loves Me

By:CityFella What if we had the power to predict the future? The Power to know the person your interacting with online is kray kray. Kelly met a what she called a semi interesting man online and the two have been talking for nearly two months .  The problem was distance, she lived in Sacramento andContinue reading “Adventures in Online Dating 2014D: Calling 911 He Loves Me”

She loved working Black Friday’s

There’s a lot to hate about being a retail employee — but the biggest shopping day of the year isn’t one of them By: Angela Harmon/Salon Lately, I’ve read quite a few essays on the topic of Black Friday and the burgeoning “Gray Thursday,” a charming term for stores open on Thanksgiving. All these essaysContinue reading “She loved working Black Friday’s”

Flying Turkey 2013 (3 Airports 1 day)

Three airports 3400 miles on  (Thanksgiving Day) 2013.  Most people want to be with their families on Turkey day.   Flying  on Thanksgiving day can save you hundreds…. AND you will avoid the traffic by flying on Turkey Day So you’ll miss the cutting of the Turkey there will be plenty of food when youContinue reading “Flying Turkey 2013 (3 Airports 1 day)”

13 Questions You Should Never Ask at Thanksgiving

Here’s your guide to surviving Turkey Day with as little fuss and confrontation as possible! By: Piper Weiss/Yahoo Shine Thanksgiving is a high school reunion for relatives. Everyone gathers together to reflect on where they’ve been, how far they’ve come, and how much better or worse they’re doing than before. It’s a Butterball of nerves, particularly when youContinue reading “13 Questions You Should Never Ask at Thanksgiving”

SUCKING it up for the HOLIDAYS

From the Butterball ads, to the movies and TV specials.  Tis the season to be Jolly, fa,la,la,la,la,la la la.    Where everyone makes it on time to cut the perfect Turkey.   We are sucked in by perfect images of  flawless food and the perfect families. Its all kisses and hugs…Ahhhh, what  a crock! ThanksgivingContinue reading “SUCKING it up for the HOLIDAYS”

Jordan Davis “Florida’s Standing your ground followup: Grand Jury says Murder 1

Just before Thanksgiving, 17 year old Jordan Davis was killed reportedly over excessive noise at a Jacksonville,Florida service station.  Michael Dunn says he was “Standing is Ground” https://sacratomatovillepost.com/2012/12/01/jordan-davis-another-17unarmed-black-teenager-in-florida-killed-echos-of-travon-martin/ Michael Dunn didn’t tell police during his initial interview the kids had a gun .    The police searched the Dodge Durango and didn’t find guns or drugs inContinue reading “Jordan Davis “Florida’s Standing your ground followup: Grand Jury says Murder 1”

The bastard next to the mashed potatoes

Damm, she thought to herself, this is one about the only reasons  come, Auntie Tracey’s potatoes.   Everybody in the family has the receipt ,but they don’t come out like hers.  Maybe somebody will ask for some,  and then they can pass me the potatoes. I haven’t spoken to that nigger in years and I ani’tContinue reading “The bastard next to the mashed potatoes”