An unfair split

In Italy, trusting a partner to do the best by you isn’t always a safe bet. That’s Queer  In a gay relationship, 50-50 isn’t an equal proposition and can unexpectedly leave a trusting partner on the brink My move to Italy in 2001 sharply curtailed my career possibilities and earning power. The best I couldContinue reading “An unfair split”

Ripples in the pond

  Jamaica’s LGBT community is still drowned out by colonial-era legislation. By: Mark Campbell/The American In Italia Persecution can be long and persistent but change toward better human rights can start like a ripple in a pond. Though their efforts and successes may go largely unnoticed by global media, individuals in smaller countries, in particularContinue reading “Ripples in the pond”

The Leopard’s Spots

Left-wing progressives have stopped well short of fully embracing gay rights. By: Mark Campbell/The American-In Italia Valeria has been a close friend of mine since I first came to Italy. She was raised a Catholic by a domineering mother and an irresponsible father. As an adult, she tried rejecting religion in favor of a moreContinue reading “The Leopard’s Spots”

China: Funny Money

Ghanian Asamoah Gyan moved to Shanghai to, in his words, “get paid.” By: Dino Quin/The American In Italia Buying players in the January transfer window is bad, desperate business, or so the adage goes. If the player’s any good, purchasing clubs must pay a considerable mid-season markup to snare them from the selling club. TheContinue reading “China: Funny Money”

Getting underneath

By Mark Campbell/The American in Itala Long before I even understood such things, I remember my mother berating my father because her brother always returned from his business trips with a gift of underwear. “See, he knows what makes a woman feel appreciated, ” my mother would say (sexy was not a word in herContinue reading “Getting underneath”

Italy: Bacon’ me crazy

Good luck finding lean bacon in Italy. By Elisa Scarton Detti/The American in Italia Why can’t you find real bacon in Italy? This is the salumi capital of the world. There must be 500 different kinds of prosciutto at my local supermarket. The Italians even mash bunches of offal and fat into what they seductivelyContinue reading “Italy: Bacon’ me crazy”

Butterscotch candy

Sometimes butterscotch candy is as good as it gets. By Jennifer Allison/The American-InItalia I once met a proud man who while describing his grandmother grew teary-eyed. Young and broke and with no one to turn to, he humbly asked his grandmother for money. She gave him what he needed without ever asking that it beContinue reading “Butterscotch candy”

47th & Mohammad

By: Madeline Klosterman/The American in Italia Mohammad stood behind his vending pushcart on Manhattan’s 47th street. He wore a heavy coat and a plaid winter scarf wrapped around his head like a turban. He was bundled up against the cold and chilling wind that barreled down Broadway. He had a prime location outside of theContinue reading “47th & Mohammad”

Table for one

A woman dining alone in France gets a better welcome than one in Italy. By: Jennifer Allison/The American in Italia t happened again. If no one noticed and continued eating and talking it would be one thing. But Italians notice everything. It’s in their DNA. I notice things too, but more discreetly. So what wasContinue reading “Table for one”