Wish you were here

By: Christopher P. Winner/The American India should colonize Mars. The world is distracted. There’s ISIS and the headless, Ukraine and the dead, Ebola and the sick. People are distracted, fretful. So who’d notice a little sly ambition? India could move Delhi to the top of the planet, Mumbai to the bottom. Or it could foundContinue reading “Wish you were here”

“Us” barbarians

American and Europe-style etiquette differs when it comes to fork and hand usage. By Jennifer Allison/The American The dinner party included me (the American), a lovely German woman, a French couple and two Portuguese men, one of them the host of the soirée. We sat beneath colored lights on a small patio, the warm LisbonContinue reading ““Us” barbarians”

It’s my ball

Never mind trying to write, throw me the ball. Portrait by Madeleine Johnson. By: Madeleine Johnson /The American Dear Mr. Editor: I bet you don’t get much mail from dogs. But The Lady, that’s Madeleine Johnson, wasn’t getting anywhere on her column, which she says is my fault because I want attention and ask herContinue reading “It’s my ball”

Lunch and the Lord

Children and Mass can be a game of Russian Roulette.  By Kissy Dugan-The American In Italia I‘m a lapsed Catholic. If you pointed a gun at my head and made me decide on an organized religion, I’d probably go with Judaism. Or Buddhism. Or maybe heroism. Wait, that isn’t organized. Still, when my in-laws celebratedContinue reading “Lunch and the Lord”

Olive blonde

Italo-Moroccan fans in Milan during the European Championships in 2012. By Sophia Heydebrand As a child I hated traveling. My parents would sit in the front seat of our rental car (a steel trap to me) arguing and pointing in all directions, leaving me in the back seat to dramatically fear we’d be lost forever.Continue reading “Olive blonde”