The Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 Ep14 Barcelona Breakdown

There are some people who can suck the life out of the Party and last night that person was Marlo Hampton.   Last night’s episode could have been lite and breezy, something that’s been missing from Atlanta this season.  But Ms Hampton was on deck. After all the drama, (twittergate)  The ladies spent the night  twerking,Continue reading “The Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 Ep14 Barcelona Breakdown”

Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 Ep13 Drama by Wig

Kim Zolciak’s wigs/Photo Google The Jury is still out on whether or not Nene Leakes or Kim Zolciak’s return is paying dividends. I was once a big fan of both women, Nene’s bullying and Kim’s self centered  grew old and they both seem to suffer from a superiority complex. So far this season, both ZolciakContinue reading “Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 Ep13 Drama by Wig”

Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 EP12 “Peaches be Trippen”

The Will/Cynthia drama played a small part in last nights episode. If we were to believe the hype, the blow up would continue with some big reveal, it didn’t happen. Porsha gave us another (what I heard?) he was an opportunist and while he didn’t have strong feeling for Cynthia he was going ride thisContinue reading “Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 EP12 “Peaches be Trippen””

RHOA: s10 ep “All About Will”

The Real Housewives Season 10 has been dragging along for a while now.  There is a build up and then it goes nowhere.  Some of my blogging friends thought last weeks episode with Kenya was contrived at best.  Some of Bravo’s editing shade thrown Kenya’s way. Quickies Porsha and all that trunk is still aContinue reading “RHOA: s10 ep “All About Will””

RHOA: S10 ep10 “Storming Out”

  Its the tenth episode, and this season has been dragging, even with the return on Nene and Kim.   We are halfway through the season and Bravo possibily realizing they must intice the views to hang with Atlanta, its highest rated franchise. Gave us a preview of the rest of the season . Last nightContinue reading “RHOA: S10 ep10 “Storming Out””

RHOA: S10 ep9 Elephant in the Room

  Let’s just start if off.  Kim Z  told Sheree that Kandi propositioned her back in the day AND that she and Todd like threesomes.    Forget anything else that happened on the show this has Twitter and social Media on fiya! Careful Kim,  Kandi is still counting all the Ed Sheeran the “Shape ofContinue reading “RHOA: S10 ep9 Elephant in the Room”

RHOA: S10 ep8 “A mad tea party

She’s Beautiful But Can She Cook? Cynthia is at home bumping pots and pans.  It clear the pots and pans were an after thought or for show as it sounds as if she as thrown them into one section near the stove.   Her daughter Noelle looked surprised to see mama cooking.   Meanwhile Will calls andContinue reading “RHOA: S10 ep8 “A mad tea party”

RHOA# S10 ep7 “That Collect Call From Yo Man in Prison”

Photo: Google A big heartfelt thanks to the readers who have stuck it out with me throughout the years.  You have asked for it and the old format is back.  I was trying to go high, but it seems you like it tacky and tasteless. Kandi sees the Lake Bailey house for the first time. Continue reading “RHOA# S10 ep7 “That Collect Call From Yo Man in Prison””

RHOA: S10 ep6 “All Aboard The Shady Express”

I’m not ready to give Marlo Hampton a peach YET!  But I want more of her and Nene clearly needs her.   As Nene was flapping her gums, Marlo was fixing her wig and her bob that had collapsed on her head.  Marlo not only fixed that wig (how does someone have a problem with aContinue reading “RHOA: S10 ep6 “All Aboard The Shady Express””

RHOA: S10 Ep5 Jus Som Petty Mess!

There was much anticipation in Sacramento for Kim Zolciak to two step on Kenya Moore’s forehead last night.  It would have been good TV.  Kim has big feet and Kenya has a big forehead.   Would have been, but Bravo bamboozled us.   It was over in mega seconds. Kim came in cocked and loaded for Kenya. Continue reading “RHOA: S10 Ep5 Jus Som Petty Mess!”