Snow in Vegas, Jail time for Jussie?, Rookie Knock Out in Jersey

Put on your mittens and just get happy, its just another Vegas day! 

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Forget the Bikini clad bodies around the pool and make yourself a snowball, your friends in Minnesota will be jealous.   Fabulous Las Vegas is gonna get its second dusting of  snow this week.  If your in town for the week I’m sure it sucks to hear its unseasonable.     Some of the resorts will expand their soup menus.   Scarfs and mittens advised.

Bars in Chicago for Jussie? 

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The Chicago Police Department, is charging Empire actor Jussie Smollett with felony charge of disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false report.  A Cook Country Grand Jury met yesterday.  A false report is a class 4 felony is punishable by one to three years in jail.   A bail hearing is tentatively scheduled for 1:30 p.m today.

The rookie took Teresa down in Jersey 

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Everybody is afraid of the Queen.  The housewives tip toe around Nene in Atlanta, Vanderpump in Beverly Hills, don’t want to anger the queen, you may not be heard from again!

How so nevah,  From the moment, rookie housewife Jackie Goldschneider met Teresa Giudice in New Jersey ,she wasn’t intimidated. Which put her firmly in the cross hairs of the Queen.  In last nights Part one (of three) of the Reunion. Jackie body-slammed and dragged Teresa who reminded everyone “That this was her show!” A one point she lost control and grabbed bossman Andy Cohen cards.  Jackie had the last word when Teresa threaten her.   “You gonna throw something at me? Aren’t you on probation?

Housewife Delicious




Real Housewives of Atlanta: S11 Ep 15 “Let’s make it official’

The moment: Lil Mo sang Superwoman as Dennis dropped to a knee and asked Porsha to marry him

Sweet Home Atlanta.. The housewives are back on southern soil.

Where we find Porsha and Dennis baby shopping. The couple finds a stroller to their liking at a whopping twelve hundred dollars. Dennis wants four of them. One for he and Porsha and one for the grandparents. While leads Porsha to ask, if they are going to be a couple in one household. Dennis seems a little reluctant to give up his bachelors pad.

Across town, Kandi meets Todd at a new the new Old Lady Gang Restaurant. They talk about expanding the family. Todd is not sure if he wants to be a part of the process with the surrogate. Kandi seems disappointed.

Speaking of disappointment, things aren’t good at the Leakes home. We find the couple getting ready to go to the hospital. Gregg is having surgery having his colostomy bag removed. The surgery is a long one and Nene is going to work at her store. The stress is clear, Gregg feels it and Nene has internalized it. In her confessional, Nene says they were having problems before his illness and she seems to be reevaluating her marriage.

Later, Cynthia and Marlo visit Nene at her house for lunch. Nene confesses she was upset in Tokyo. the ladies try to comfort her.

After Tokyo, Eva was able to spend time with her grand father in Los Angeles before he died. Eva and Michael or meeting with the D-J for their wedding. With three weeks to go , she is overwhelmed by the wedding. One of the dresses she ordered, is no longer available. The guest list has increased and they are $50,000 over budget.

Shamari and Ronnie meet with Porsha and Dennis at the Go Mart. The two men discuss married life and Dennis tells Ronnie he plans to propose. In an OOOH moment, Shamari picks a booger from Ronnie’s nose. That’s real love ya’ll!

Potential surrogate: A potential surrogate talked to Kandi and Todd as they considered it

Kandi and Todd meets with Dr Jackie, who introduces them to a surrogate. Todd seemed withdrawn from the process, as it is new to both of them. At Dr Jackie’s office, Kandi, who has seen one too many Lifetime movies about surrogates running off with the child got all of her questions answered by a surrogate recommended by Dr Jackie.

Porsha’s sister Lauren is filming Porsha getting ready for a charity event she and Dennis are attending. Dennis is chartering a Helicopter for the event.

Arriving on the rooftop of the venue. The couple is greeted by Lil Mo singing their favorite song. The floor in covered in rose petals. Dennis drops to one knee………….

The question: Dennis asked Porsha if she would like to be Mrs. McKinley


Last Week….What the Ladies can do with a pickle( Just Saying )

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Bravo Housewives Round Up

#RHOBH Not sure the Hype surrounding Beverley Hills was worth it. Lisa Vanderpump’s brother committed suicide. We see an uncharacteristically emotional Vanderpump.

Binge Worthy and On

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What a difference a season makes. Last season #RHONJ was painfully boring. After dropping Siggy and adding a couple of new Housewives. New Jersey has become the most entertaining of all the Housewives. The Reunion begins this week. #RHONJ is binge worthy. Treat yourself and watch the episodes before the reunion. In last weeks finale, the war between Danielle and every body (except Teresa) continued. Danielle’s husband, Marty, talked shit about Margaret again to her hubby Joe. I could tell you, but its more fun to see it.

So Far, Margaret Joseph’s is Bravo Housewives MVP for 2019

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Real Housewives of Atlanta: s11 ep 14 In a pickle

Into it: Eva straddled Kandi Burruss during the sexual pickle game

In a pickle

 We began with Porsha getting a bouquet of flowers from Dennis in Atlanta.   She squeals and face times him showing him her enlarged breasts.  Its been a minute since the two have had interpersonal contact.   Hanging up the phone, Porsha makes the decision to ignore’s Dennis’s Past and the word on the street (Kandi)

Last night, we find Tanya frantically getting Eva’s bachelorette party in Tokyo.  I think she says it was her first party and trust me it shows.   She looked like she emptied out the Dollar Tree toy section.   It all looked cheap and nothing looked fun.  Shamari is the first to arrive to help Tanya   The food is all American and on point.  The memo said pajama’s and lingerie.  While the other ladies came out in sexy night lingerie

 Too bad Lucy’s wearing his spare pajama set.

Kandi came in some pajamas that Lucy Ricardo would find in her drawer.  All she needed some was some pink rollers and a hair net and she would be all set.

The mood was hopeful until Nene walked in with a sad drawn face which immediately changed the tone of the party.   When Tanya offered her a drink, all Nene had was a stank face.

One of the things I have a problem with Nene is her need for attention. “All about Nene”. A regular person, might have lied, made an excuse not to attend, because they wouldn’t want to bring the party down.  But not our Nene.

Tanya hires a local stripper. Remember this is Japan.  He opens up his robe and the ladies were kind.  Except this stripper was modest, he kept his white gym socks on.  Eva, asked if Tanya “Yelp the Stripper”

Kandi said, they needed some real dirty fun.  Leave it to Kandi, who suggested using a household pickle as a penis.  With the pickle  ( for those who didn’t see the episode) the ladies were told to choose their favorite position and pretended to bang the crap out of each other.

Playing along: Cynthia Bailey joined in on the pickle game fun

At one point, the pregnant lady gets real aggressive with Cynthia who was bent over the arm of the sofa and will yelling orders at Cynthia “to arch her back while Shamari is behind Cynthia.  There were pickles on top , It was wild as shit.!!!!   We didn’t see everything, trust me.  It even removed Nene’s black cloud.  I tell ya, I will never look at a jar of pickles the same way.

( wonder if the pickles were room temperature or….. )

The ladies hit the clubs, we saw bits of dancing and a drunk Marlo on the floor  in front of her floor at 4am.

Back at the hotel, Nene was finally able to get Gregg on the phone.  The two struggle with the call.  Nene learns Gregg  has changed his surgery date to remove his colostomy bag.  It’s clear Nene is near the breaking point. Everyone reminds Nene how strong she is.  But its a brave face that’s cracking.  ” I  have been the “strong” friend who everyone cries to and when you cry, no one knows what the do or how to handle it -I still have feelings” She tells Cynthia.  Who reminds Nene,  “She is there for her”.


Even, Nene was on time.  The ladies see a samurai sword demonstration. They later get a lesson.  The ladies face off and has to choose which one has to die. Everyone is game except for Nene and Tanya who refuses to die.   However, Kandi, takes the Joan Crawford route, needing a minute to die.

Eva goes to Nene’s room and Nene breaks down after receiving a huge floral arrangement from Gregg with a lengthy apology.


Last night in Tokyo


Eva planned to fly to Los Angeles.  The ladies go out for dinner, Eva has bought Kimono’s for the ladies.

Bravo teases us….

Eva thanks everyone for party.   She suggests that everyone go around and say their highs and lows for the year.  We didn’t here from all the housewives.   Cynthia low was her daughter going to college and her high, is her boyfriend Mike. Shamari, her lows is losing her passion for music., her highs were her children.  Kandi, lows is a balancing a busy lifestyle and being a mother, her highs are her successful businesses .  Nene, refused to participate.

Porsha didn’t have a low.  She emotionally talked about how Dennis has supported her in fulfilling her dream and giving her the life she always wanted.  The bravo camera occasional veered off showing Kandi’s face.  Kandi had something to add.

(fade to commercial)

We returned to Kandi .  What we expected to happen, didn’t .  Kandi tears up and genuinely apologies to Porsha for saying all those shitty things about Dennis, because she’s been there with Todd.   She said she knows how important Todd has been in her life and if Porsha feels the same way about Dennis that’s all she needs to know AND Dennis has been nothing but nice to her.

As fillers go, this was a good one.

Atlanta is struggling this season.  Everyone is sensing a major overhaul next season.   Everyone might be concerned, it is rumored Vicki Gunvalson of the long running  Orange County has been demoted to friend (think Marlo).

The hottest housewives Franchise is currently  New Jersey, the three newest cast members have breathed new life into the once tired franchise.  Two weeks ago, it was off the chain and this Wednesday is the finale.

 The Housewives of Beverly Hills begins Tues

What do you think?


 Last Week 

Eva’s broke free and Chopped up Marlo

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The Real Housewives of New York S9 Reunion Part 2 “Bethenny Let’s Go”


Someone hand Ms D’ Agostino a drink, she deserves it.  
Luann took a chance on love and being a lady she is defending her dick of a husband.  Baby Steps CountessLast night we learned Tinsely may have a drinking problem, she and Scott are moving in together and he may be the one and she’s not into politics.  Are you bored?  Me too!Carole and Adam are taking a break (like we didn’t see that coming?) they are still in love and vacation together but Carole is not a woman who needs a man.

Some of the ladies believe Sonja’s getting played by Edgar “Frenchie” who may or may not be an actor.   One thing is clear,she likes Frenchie’s dick and while Rocco makes her feel good about herself, it doesn’t look like she’s gonna break him off a piece anytime soon.

We know Carole voted for Hillary, as did Dorinda, and Bethenny, everyone else is pleading the fifth.


Bethenny Frankel, RHONY Reunion

Bethenny pulled our heart strings last night and  may have broken our hearts.

Bethenny is very tight lipped about her personal life and the vaults seemed to close a few seasons back, after her painful breakup with Jill Zarin.

Last night Bethenny let us in and what we learned was sad and shocking.   Carole opened the door, she witnessed  some of the horror that was Bethenny’s life. Carole was present when Bethenny called her child and the child’s father placed the phone down on the furniture not allowing Bethenny to speak to their child.  She also there when the loving father again denied her access to their child by turning the tablet towards the wall not allowing the child to see her mother.

Bethenny was with Jason Hoppy for less than three years and spent nearly four years and three million dollars in legal fees to divorce him.

In a normal dissolution of a marriage the two lick their wounds and exits through separated doors.

Her ex’s goal seemed to be to block any form of peace and happiness in Bethenny’s life.

Last night she said her life was torture.  When Andy Cohen asked her was it her decision to keep her cast mates in the dark and did it have any influence on the way she interacted with them this season. “I’m sure it does because it is indescribable and inexplicable,” she said. “And if someone wants to talk about a war zone in Israel, how are you going to explain that to someone? It’s like, I’m not comparing this to actual war, but in my personal life, you can’t even imagine the torment this has been. You can’t even describe it. I just stifled it in because if I let any of it out, I’m just going to totally break down.”

Bethenny told Andy she has chosen not to focus on what Jason might say to their seven-year-old daughter Byrn when she’s in his custody,  “I can only worry about my side of the street,”  “My message to my daughter is everybody loves you.”


The other ladies knew there were problems  (News of Bethenny and Jason’s marriage/divorced is always is constantly in the tabloids) what they learned perhaps for the first time, the real impact it has had on the woman of steel.

Jason Hoppy not only stalked Bethenny, he went after her boyfriend.   Dennis Shields said  Hoppy would CC (forward ) emails he sent to Bethenny   Dennis’s accused Hoppy of sending him 49 emails in 70 days.    On every email Hoppy reportedly calls Bethenny old, ugly and irrelevant and accuses her of having a “revolving door of men.”  
Jason was hit not once, but twice, with charges of aggravated harassment and stalking,       Andy asked Bethenny, what happened in the marriage to warrant Jason’s behavior.    Carole said  “He’s obsessed with her. It’s like an obsession,”  “And I guess when someone walks away and you no longer have control…”
                                                                People Magazine Aug 8, 2017
Jason Hoppy was back in court on Tuesday, where his request to dismiss the harassment and stalking charges brought against him by ex-wife Bethenny Frankel was denied, a spokesperson for the New York District Attorney’s Office confirms to PEOPLE.
The spokesperson added that Hoppy was offered a plea deal known as a family adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. The case has been adjourned for possible trial on Sept. 27. 

A source with knowledge of the situations tells PEOPLE that if taken, the deal would maintain the restraining order issued in January in place for another year. If there were no incidents within the year, the case would possibly be adjourned without incident.

Hoppy, 46, was arrested on Jan. 27 after the Real Housewives of New York City star claimed he threatened her after showing up at their 7-year-old daughter Bryn’s school.

An NYPD spokesperson previously confirmed the encounter to PEOPLE, noting that Hoppy approached Frankel and “tried to provoke a fight.” The spokesperson added that Frankel alleged Hoppy had sent her “numerous emails and FaceTime calls numbering in the hundreds after a cease and desist letter was sent on Nov. 22, 2016.”

In January, Hoppy was charged with one count of harassment in the second degree, one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, and one count of stalking in the fourth degree. A restraining order was also issued against him at his arraignment. (He denied the charges at the time, with his former attorney Robert C. Gottlieb telling PEOPLE in a statement: “There are no words to express how saddened Mr. Hoppy is over his ex-wife’s unjustified actionsHis only concern is his daughter and intends to vigorously fight these false charges.”)
Less than two months later, on March 13, Hoppy appeared in court and rejected a plea offer. During a court appearance on June 27, Hoppy was arraigned on additional charges — including one count of stalking in the third degree, another count of stalking in the fourth degree and some additional conduct. 


Frankel and Hoppy first announced their split in December 2012 after three years of marriage and months of rumors that the two were on the rocks. Their divorce was finalized four-years later in July 2016.

A source close to Frankel tells PEOPLE the Skinnygirl mogul has been “so free and joyous” over the last eight months with Hoppy’s restraining order in place.

“You can see it on the show,” the insider said. “She has been lighter and happier.”

Another source tells PEOPLE that Frankel got “very emotional” about the case when asked about it at the RHONY reunion taping last month.

“Even people in the control room were crying when she was talking,” the source said. “The rest of the cast was stunned.”


Next Week The Finale 

Last Week  “All About Lu”

RHONj Tragedy: Teresa Giudice’s Father in law Dies in the backyard of her home.


Embattled  Star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Teresa Giudice’s father in law

Frank Giudice Getty collapsed  Wednesday evening.  According to Radar on line, Teresa was not at the home when Frank collapsed and Joe was there with just one of their daughters.


Last March, Joe and Teresa plead guilty .to bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud and other charges following a 41-count indictment.  Teresa Giudice faces 27 months in prison, husband Joe Giudice could get 46 months and could likely be deported back to Italy, according to a judge.   On July 8th the couple will know their fate.


Real Housewives of Atlanta: A Nasty Nene Ignites Brawl

A Pillow Party Brawl

By CityFella

Pillow talk, Pillow fight, it went down in last night in Atlanta (Season 6. Episode 13 RHOA). Nasty Nene was the instigator, make no bones about it!  Meanwhile there was a shady and timely remark that maybe remotely connected to an current news item, I wonder how many caught it?

The episode began with Kenya Moore.  Kenya goes with her Aunt Lori to the fertility doctor and finds out that her hormone levels are fine to have a baby but her ovarian reserve is diminished.  Later,  Kenya and Miss Lawrence goes to the fertility clinic and asks the receptionist for free lube while they wait to meet with the consultants.  OOOOkay?  Kenya has a long list of requirements from the donors, a LONG list… “funny, affectionate, no body odor…full lips, a slender nose, etc”

Meanwhile Pheadra and her party planner Dwight (new nose big glasses) are planning another over the top party for new child Mr President.  Secret Service dances, red carpets  the party cost thousands.  Hubby, Apollo didn’t seem to give a s*** and was disagreeable and  rude at times. Hmmm.

Pillow Talk , Pillow Punch

Nene has been planning this party for her friends called “Pillow Talk.” Her goal is to get everyone together so they can “talk to each other and move on.”

Was she geeked up?  

Was Kandi on to something when she said  Nene seems “a little geeked up,”?   Well something was off, shes stomping, twirling, lifting up whatever she was wearing. None of it was funny or cute, it was just weird.  And she just keeps seeming more geeked up as the night went on,pissed at the very late Kenya  “I am very mother f—ing irritated right now.”

Nasty Nene

Nene had a list of questions that cut close to the bone.  From telling Porsha not to be offended that she’s making her answer the “Would you care if your husband was bisexual?”  Porsha should have been offended, the question was rude.  Then asking  the women jf they were OK with their husbands going to strip clubs (possibly directed at Cynthia and Pheadrea.) Peter defended the men and explained why they went.  He said he didn’t get laps dances .  Kandi busted him as she saw him get a lap dance.    Nene, to her credit has never walked away from the fact that she worked in a strip club.    She threw a little shade  on the parade by saying there are women essentially giving it up at the clubs. ”     Apollo announced that he has spent as much as 8 grand in a strip club and defended it buy saying it was his money!

Did you catch it ? I did!

In the confessional ,Kenya said please, where did Apollo get 8 thousand dollars from?  Is Kenya on to something?

RHOA Real Drama ” Apollo Nida-Phaedra Parks Husband charged with Bank Fraud and Identity Theft

(Click the link for Story)

The Brawl

We know if there is an argument, Kenya is nearb. How so nevah it was Nene who started the mess. The Queen bee goes to  the front of the room and announces that last week, Kenya told Natalie that her “husband” had previously told her that were in a common-law marriage — any thoughts on that, Christopher Williams?

Christopher begin to speak . Kenya hops up and starts moving toward Natalie, so Christopher goes to stop her.  Christopher grabs Kenya, Brandon is immediately up and yelling, “DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON HER!”   Peter pushes the two apart.   THEN !!   Apollo who has nothing to do with nothing,  slams Brandon down onto one of the beanbags and is beating the crap out of Brandon.    WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Kenya and Pheadra is pulling Apollo off Brandon.  Everyone else except Gregg,Chuck and Mynique  is trying to keep Christopher back.    Now Bravo’s crew is out  ,jumping in to start pulling people apart and Apollo, Brandon and Christopher are separated.

Nene goes to scream at Kenya for getting up out of her “G—damn seat” and ruining the party. (Really Nene. Really? )

Next thing you know Apollo breaks free and goes after Brandon, again! .   HUH?

WTF?  Why the face?   Apollo was in prison, was Brandon a cell mate?     The Brawl Continues next week.    Will the New Jersey cast mates join in?   Will the Beverly Hills cast mates ,Brandi and Joyce duke it out in designer dresses in the lobby of the hotel?      I KNOW WHERE ILL BE NEXT WEEK?

Man, I’m wiped out,need a nap.   See ya next week.

Last Week

RHOA Real Drama ” Apollo Nida-Phaedra Parks Husband charged with Bank Fraud and Identity Theft.

Thursday was a busy Legal day for Bravo Housewives franchise.    In Jersey, the on going Giudice’s fraud trail took an unexpected turn as the Giudice’s  Teresa and her husband Joe asked the court for separate trial.  Both stars could face jail time.  The “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars were indicted for 41 counts of fraud, including loan and bankruptcy fraud, which could land them up to 50 years in prison.

 ” MEANWHILE FRESH AND NEW IN ATLANTA ” Apollo Nida, husband to ATL Real Housewife Phaedra Parks surrendered to the authorities he is being accused of Bank Fraud and Identify theft.   


Read Full: Story Click on Link Below


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