Tokyo Times A 79 years-old Japanese man called Kohei Jinno lost his house and business about 50 years ago, as both of them got demolished to make way for Tokyo’s Summer Olympic in 1964. Now he is getting evicted for the exact same reason. Jinno spent two years, 1964 and 1965, in a different townContinue reading “TOKYO MAN EVICTED TWICE IN A LIFETIME DUE TO OLYMPICS”

China-Japan tension: What is the Beef?

The Goverments of China (the worlds third largest economy) and Japan (the worlds seconds largest economy atter the US) What Who own a group of Islands located in the East and South China Sea‘s.  The question of ownership of the islands extends back to 1895 when Japan says China ceded sovereignty of the islands when it lost theContinue reading “China-Japan tension: What is the Beef?”

Panasonic closes plant: Anti Japan Protests sweeps China

Panasonic halted operations at three factories in China after angry protesters ransacked Japanese businesses over the weekend amid rising tensions over disputed islands in the East China Sea. Violence against Japanese companies was seen in Xi’an, Dongguan, Changsha and Guangzhou, according to local media reports. A Panasonic factory was set on fire and a Toyota dealership in QingdaoContinue reading “Panasonic closes plant: Anti Japan Protests sweeps China”

Babies set to tear up the ring

The crying game: Two toddlers battle it out through tears during Gokoku Shrine’s annual naki-zumo (crying baby sumo) event. While the grown-up sumo wrestlers prepare for the upcoming grand sumo tournament in Tokyo (starting May 6), a somewhat younger field of competitors will face off in Hiroshima. Dressed in colorful kimono, the contestants will compete in speedContinue reading “Babies set to tear up the ring”

Japanese woman jailed for deliberately breaking legs of four babies

A Japanese woman has been jailed after deliberately breaking the legs of four babies because she was jealous of happy mothers. Saotome was found guilty of deliberately harming the babies and sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison by a court in Ashikaga, Tochigi, around 50 miles north of Tokyo Japanese woman jailed for deliberately breakingContinue reading “Japanese woman jailed for deliberately breaking legs of four babies”