It Sucks To Find Your Boyfriend Having Sex In Front Of A Crowd Of Parkgoers

In a postscript to the story about Monday’s bust of that Wisconsin duo who were having sex in front of a crowd of onlookers in a Madison park, a police report offers some bizarre new details about the incident.

Turns out that while Anthony Hinrichs, 23, and Tonia Franklin, 32, were going at it–they were “sweating profusely and covered with grass and dirt” when police arrived–Hinrichs’s girlfriend happened to arrive at the scene of the grind.

Valerie Czebotar told cops that she had just gotten home from work and “saw that people were looking across the street.” When she went to investigate, she “recognized her boyfriend ‘having sex’ with the other female,” according to the Madison Police Department report. Arriving simultaneously with cops, Czebotar, 30, yelled at Hinrichs and, when asked by officers if she knew the identity of his companion, answered, “That’s the girl he was fucking.”

Since both Hinrichs, pictured at right, and Franklin were acting erratically, cops called for assistance from emergency medical technicians, who worked from a firehouse across the street. When he arrived with two colleagues, EMT Troy Donkle told cops that he “had actually looked at the couple with binoculars” while they were consorting, “because he could not believe what he was seeing.”

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