Mexico: Riding the buses can be an adventure in Oaxaca

Mexico Life One of the challenges is determining a bus’s destination By: Joseph Sorrentino\Mexiconewsdaily If you’re visiting Oaxaca — a beautiful city and one of my favorites — chances are pretty good you’ll need to catch a bus fairly often. This, as anyone who’s attempted it will tell you, is no mean feat. First you’llContinue reading “Mexico: Riding the buses can be an adventure in Oaxaca”

The Sacramento Convention Center: Bad Money

  An Old Updated Joke A man walks into a Pet Store he is immediately drawn to the sounds of a parakeet.  Who resides in this large elaborate cage.   It was love at first sight, he had to have the bird. The price was unimportant, he buys the bird and a small cage. Arriving home,Continue reading “The Sacramento Convention Center: Bad Money”

Ten marvelously fun things to do in Spain this May

Men dressed in traditional attire “chulapo” take part in the San Isidro celebrations. Photo: AFP With longer and warmer days, May is the month when Spaniards take to the streets to throw fiesta after fiesta. Festivals Patios de Córdoba (Córdoba courtyards festival), Córdoba, May 2nd- May 14th . Photo: philipus/Depositphotos The citizens of Cordoba will beContinue reading “Ten marvelously fun things to do in Spain this May”

Bleak and Scary “J” Street

A few days ago, I picked up a few friends from Boston and drove them from Airport to their downtown hotel. . This was their first visit to Sacramento.   From the airport, I was peppered with questions about my city.  They were in town to attend a workshop and worried about having options in theContinue reading “Bleak and Scary “J” Street”

Swiss hotel sparks outrage by asking Jewish guests to shower before swimming

Arosa. Photo: Stephen Colebourne/Flickr Visitors to Arosa’s Aparthaus Paradies shocked to discover anti-Semitic notices, which have now been removed Last month, a hotel in Switzerland put up signs telling “Jewish guests” to shower before swimming, sparking outrage from the guests. Another sign, this one on the refrigerator, said: “For our Jewish guests: You may accessContinue reading “Swiss hotel sparks outrage by asking Jewish guests to shower before swimming”

Welcome to Sacramento: Get out of our Parks

  The Citizen’s Hotel opened in 2008.   The building was once the former headquarters of California Western State Life Insurance.  Built in the 1920’s the building was one of Sacramento’s first skyscrapers. The Citizens hotel has become very popular for those who want something different from the cookie cutter hotels in the area asContinue reading “Welcome to Sacramento: Get out of our Parks”

Twelve things tourists do that annoy Parisians

Stop getting robbed: Visitors need to realize, according to one reader, that they are giving the city a bad name by getting pickpocketed all the time. Victims of petty crime in the capital will be aghast at the suggestion they did anything wrong, especially given the number of scams they can fall victim to, butContinue reading “Twelve things tourists do that annoy Parisians”

Future Dubai, in Pictures….. Wow!

  In a very short time, Dubai has become one the the world’s Destination.  It is home to the world tallest building.  It has a skyline that rivals New York.  If the question is who has the Grandest, largest?  The answer is often Dubai.  Where else can you water ski and snow ski on theContinue reading “Future Dubai, in Pictures….. Wow!”

Gay Acceptance bad for Gay Neighborhoods?

Christopher Street, New York City By CityFella. Once upon a time in America. Black professionals lived in the same neighborhoods as non professionals.  Chemists lived next door to custodians.  Many businesses surrounding these neighborhoods thrived. There were limits to where Blacks and other people of color could live.   The issue wasn’t affordability. the issueContinue reading “Gay Acceptance bad for Gay Neighborhoods?”