How do you fit ten sheep in a car?

A 50-year-old Rumanian man was stopped by police when they noticed unusual passengers in his station wagon. During a routine border check of a station wagon towing a defective vehicle on a trailer, police in Nickelsdorf, Burgenland Austria  near the border with Hungary made an interesting discovery. The back of the car, from which theContinue reading “How do you fit ten sheep in a car?”

BIG MAN RIDES: Has the world gone mad!

Unlike Europe, America has never really embraced small cars.  In the midwest large cars rule, in the south its the pickup. God help you if your driving a Smart Car on the Interstates . In America, people buy small cars because:   A. They live in urban areas where space is limited. B. Because they are economical. C.Continue reading “BIG MAN RIDES: Has the world gone mad!”