Top ten amazing modern architectural wonders of Spain

This hotel attached to a Rioja winery is one of Spain’s architectural gems. Photo: Wojtek Gurak/ Flickr Spain has its fair share of iconic buildings designed by some of the world’s most prestigious architects. Here’s a look at ten of the best. The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Photo: AFP The scaly titanium building designed by Canadian-AmericanContinue reading “Top ten amazing modern architectural wonders of Spain”

Spain: “La Tomatina” What you need to know about one of the worlds biggest Food Fight

Photos: AFP By:By Sophia Smith Galer/The Local Spain Every year on the last Wednesday in August the town of Buñol in Valencia region prepares to get seriously messy when it stages what has become the world’s biggest food fight.   This year, following the terror attacks in Las Ramblas and Cambrils, authorities will boost securityContinue reading “Spain: “La Tomatina” What you need to know about one of the worlds biggest Food Fight”

Bus Travel Sacramento “Its better than you think” Flixbus vs Greyhound vs Megabus

Airline Travel SUCKS!   Long lines, uncomfortable seats.  Caged Chickens are treated more humanely.  All this stress sometimes leads to  passengers turning on passengers. Train Travel is slow and expensive. In the last few years, busing has seen a resurgence in the United States, Canada and Europe.  New Bus companies offering express intercity travel These newContinue reading “Bus Travel Sacramento “Its better than you think” Flixbus vs Greyhound vs Megabus”

Wednesday Afternoon at the Cal Neva Casino

Picture: Google  The glory days of Reno as gaming city has long past. For years RENO was the destination for gambling and  by the mid 50’s  the city was surpassed by Las Vegas as the largest gaming destination in the United States. There are more closed hotels and casinos on Reno’s Virginia Street than open.Continue reading “Wednesday Afternoon at the Cal Neva Casino”

Flixbus Review: Sacramento to Oakland

Bus travel has improved and is now a viable alternative to air travel offering express service between Metro Areas in the United States.   The new buses, have free wifi, wider seats, more leg room and its less stressful than flying. Flixbus has routes between Sacramento, Oakland and San Francisco. In Sacramento, there are two locationsContinue reading “Flixbus Review: Sacramento to Oakland”

Switzerland: Are the Swiss the most honest people in the world?

Photo: Depositphotos A study that compared rates of civic honesty in 40 countries around the world has revealed that Switzerland is home to the most morally correct people, at least when it comes to returning wallets with cash in them.   Does the amount of cash in a lost wallet impact how likely a person is toContinue reading “Switzerland: Are the Swiss the most honest people in the world?”

These are the 15 most romantic towns to visit in Germany

  Every year millions of tourists flock to big cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. But for anyone seeking something a little more picturesque and authentic, here are 15 of the most romantic towns and small cities in Germany. By: Anja Samy/The Local Germany   1. Bamberg (nearest city – Nuremberg) Like Rome, this smallContinue reading “These are the 15 most romantic towns to visit in Germany”

merry STUPID christmas (self inflected wounds)

  Its 2018, another year filled with stupid adults who shouldn’t leave their homes without professional supervision. _____________________________________________________   Despite all the warnings, every year shoppers fill the cars with gifts and return to the mall to shop.  Once their shopping is completed they return to an empty car with a broken window.   At anContinue reading “merry STUPID christmas (self inflected wounds)”

Italy: Beautiful seaside towns where tourists don’t tread

Santa Cesarea Terme on Puglia’s Adriatic coast boasts great beaches, explorable sea caves and naturally occurring hot springs.         The seaside town of Sperlonga in south Lazio has been the getaway of choice for those in the know since antiquity. It’s easy to see why. The resort of Stintino in northern SardiniaContinue reading “Italy: Beautiful seaside towns where tourists don’t tread”