Bate and Switch at Uber?

A couple of years ago my car was totaled in an accident. I took the insurance money and paid off a few accounts. Living downtown, the plan was to take a combination of Public Tranposrtation and Uber. After a year, I would purchase a new car. Uber and Lyft was reliable transportation with reasonalble pricesContinue reading “Bate and Switch at Uber?”

More Room in the rear seat of a Subcompact car than on Southwest Airlines

I take Uber/Fyft every day, Due to Covid 19, the ride share companies required passengers to ride in the back seat. As a lot of you know, I’m a giant man 6.4 over 300 pounds. Airline travel is a challenge. I tend to avoid Boeing’s Mega Popular 737 the staple of most airlines. With theContinue reading “More Room in the rear seat of a Subcompact car than on Southwest Airlines”

Godzilla taking Uber in Sacramento

My car was totaled last April. Living downtown, I discovered not having a car  wasn’t the end of the world. I’m near transit. I take Uber, Lyft nearly day.  There are many Gig ride shares available, with a phone app I can grab an electric car within blocks 24/7.  Life is good. I take UberContinue reading “Godzilla taking Uber in Sacramento”

E-scooters suddenly appeared everywhere, but now they’re riding into serious trouble

  By: Julia Buckley/CNN Brussels. San Diego. Bogotá. Walk around any major tourist destination these days, and you’ll see them. Electric scooters, gliding silently around city center streets, zipping through traffic signals, or abandoned — lying on the street, propped up against trees or, in some cases, dumped in rivers. Scooter-sharing systems similar to city bike schemesContinue reading “E-scooters suddenly appeared everywhere, but now they’re riding into serious trouble”

916 Lyft Uber Tales # 2 “Dude I’m over here”

I wont out the driver, but he was hi and I was stupid.  One most days I can summoned a ride in one to two minutes which works for me cuz I’m always running late. I run down the stairs and I see the Chevy passing my building.  He drives two blocks and makes aContinue reading “916 Lyft Uber Tales # 2 “Dude I’m over here””

916 Lyft Uber Tales #1 (Life is like a car of chocolates) You never know what your gonna GET!!!!

This is my first chapter and Id like to start by giving you a little background.  My car was totaled in an accident last spring.   I live in downtown Sacramento and thought I would try taking uber, lyft and public transit. I am a complete GIANT.  I stand 6.4 weight 370 pounds and have feetContinue reading “916 Lyft Uber Tales #1 (Life is like a car of chocolates) You never know what your gonna GET!!!!”

Somewhere in West Sacramento

Uber and Lyft have decimated the Taxi industry especially in here in Sacramento. Their large presence as resulted in increased traffic in most cities. At Sacramento International Uber and Lyft was responsible for major backups at the Terminal. As a result they relocated Uber and Lyft pickup locations at the Airport. Taxi’s are Still SuperiorContinue reading “Somewhere in West Sacramento”

Swiss taxi drivers to protest against Uber once again

Taxi drivers across Switzerland will stage a mass demonstration against rival Uber next Tuesday. Traffic will be disrupted in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Zurich on Tuesday between 11.45am and 1.30pm as licensed taxi drivers protest against the low-cost UberPop ride-sharing system, reported 20 Minutes. The Californian company has been a thorn in the side ofContinue reading “Swiss taxi drivers to protest against Uber once again”

Traveling to France:? Make sure you pack Walking Shoes

  Commuters in France will face another day of travel chaos as rail unions voted to continue a nationwide strike on Thursday in protest against proposed rail reforms. To make matters worse taxi drivers, angry over the rise of internet-based firms like Uber, also staged industrial action. As it happened last Wednesday Rail workers haveContinue reading “Traveling to France:? Make sure you pack Walking Shoes”