Throwback Thursday: 2012 ” What was Mona Lisa paid? “

CityFella (circa 2000) in glorious fiberglass Remember the “Thong  Song”  by  Sisqo ?    It was a huge hit back in 2000     Sisqo was a hip hop artist with short blonde hair.  I’m in Toronto walking through a  drug store and happened upon the hair color aisle.  There it was on sale FeriaContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: 2012 ” What was Mona Lisa paid? “”

What was Mona Lisa paid?

  Picture It.    Sometime between 1503 and 1506  Leonardo da Vinci  proudly walked up to a woman and said, I’d like to paint you .   Nothing dramatic, no promises of a press tour or a record deal.   Just ,I’d like to paint you. That’s what happen to me… It was the summerContinue reading “What was Mona Lisa paid?”