‘Moobs’ and ‘gender-fluid’ among 1,000 new words added to Oxford English Dictionary

  • Other new additions include ‘Yogalates’, ‘Westminster bubble’ and the US colloquialism ‘fuhgeddaboudit’

‘Moobs’ has made it into the dictionary

By: Kate Ferguson/UK Mirror


‘Moobs’ and ‘gender-fluid’ are among more than 1,000 new words and phrases in the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary – along with ‘Westminster bubble.’

Gender-fluid, an adjective first recorded in 1987, now refers to a person who doesn’t identify with a single fixed gender.

Moobs is the chiefly British colloquialism, first recorded in 2001, used to describe unusually prominent breasts on a man, typically as a result of excess pectoral fat.

First used in 1998, ‘Westminster bubble’ describes an insular community of politicians, journalists, and civil servants, who appear to be out of touch with the experiences of the wider British public.

A feast of food-related terms have also made the latest update, which includes cheese eater and cheese-eating, chef de partie and chef de cabinet, as well as chefdom – a noun meaning the overall fact, state, or positioning of becoming a chef.

REX/ShutterstockOxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary has 1,000 new words and phrases

Cheeseball has also been added, to describe someone or something lacking taste, style, or originality; or the breaded and deep fried cheese appetizer.

Another new addition is Bocconcini, which can denote any small items of food, also means balls of mozzarella.

And fans of Greek food will be pleased to see the inclusion of the spinach and cheese stuffed filo pastry pie, spanakopita.

Foodie words from South East Asia have also made their way into the update, with the addition of the Malaysian or Indonesian dish, rendang; the flat rice noodle dish stir-fried in soy sauce and shrimp paste, char kway teow; and the Filipino oxtail stew with a peanut-based sauce, kare-kare.

Other interesting additions include ‘fuhgeddaboudit’ – a US colloquialism, associated especially with New York and New Jersey, reflecting an attempted regional pronunciation of the phrase ‘forget about it’ – used to indicate a suggested scenario is unlikely or undesirable.



Yogalates also makes an appearance

Yogalates – what when Pilates exercises and combined with the postures and breathing techniques of yoga – is also included along with YOLO, a popular acronym used on social media, meaning ‘you only live once.’

Michael Proffitt, chief Editor of the OED, said the latest update includes more than 1,000 revised and updated entries and around 1,200 new senses.

He added: “This confirms the OED as one of the largest and longest-running language research projects in the world.”

The OED is a guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of more than 829,000 words, senses, and compounds – past and present – from across the English-speaking world.


He Claims to have bedded over 2500 women and doesn’t believe in Safe Sex

Danny Wagster
                  Danny Wagster claims to have bedded 2,500 women in 10 years

 By:Ruth Halkon/Uk Mirror

A man who claims to be Britain’s biggest player has boasted how “safe sex isn’t important to him” despite claiming he has bedded 2,500 women.

Danny Wagster, 27, from Manchester, compares using condoms to a crisp packet and says he can tell “just by looking” whether a girl has a sexually transmitted disease.

The personal trainer, who describes his sex life as ‘fast and furious’ even managed to up his numbers while in a two-year relationship, cheating on her with 50 different women.

He told  The Sun : “Over the last decade, I’ve had around 2,500 partners – and I’ve only cared about two of them.”

Danny says he first attracted a lot of attention from women when he was 18 and started working out at the gym.

FacebookDanny Wagster
Danny claims he has not gone two days without having a romp

Since then he claims he has not gone two days without having a romp and beds an average of four or five women a week.

He boasts he has had threesomes and even slept with four girls in the space of 24 hours in a Manchester hotel.

But despite the number of women he beds, he is reluctant to use contraception and is not bothered about making girls have abortions if they get pregnant.

He said safe sex isn’t “massively important” to him, adding he will wear a condom if he has to but “I’d rather not because it feels like I’m wearing a crisp packet and kills the mood”.

He added: “I don’t worry about getting STIs – I get regular checks – and I can tell by looking at a girl if she’s got anything.”

The Lothario has a penchant for beautiful women but admits alcohol can interfere with his ‘good judgement’ occasionally.

FacebookDanny Wagster
       If Danny wakes up with someone he find unattractive he will kick them out

If he wakes up with someone he finds unattractive he will call them a taxi and make them wait outside.

The cut-price Casanova also claims one of his hobbies is “upsetting women”.


The gym bunny says his father had 12 children with five different women but “doesn’t know” if that has anything to do with the way he treats women.

The young man, who brags he is ‘well-endowed’ and rates himself 11 out of 10 in bed, claims despite the fact his friends call him a ‘slag’ he is just being ‘young guy having fun’.

Woman gives birth to twins with DIFFERENT fathers after having sex with two men

Her husband’s relatives urged him to get the two-year-olds DNA tested after noticing one looked like him but the other did not

A pregnant woman
Rare occurrence: A woman has reportedly given birth to twins with different fathers

By:Sophie Evans/UK Mirror

A woman has given birth to twins with different fathers after having sex with two men in the same ovulation period, it is reported.

The mother and her husband recently took their two-year-old children for DNA tests because of ‘striking’ differences in their appearances.

The Vietnamese couple were shocked to hear that only one of their twins was biologically related to the father, according to local reports.

However, both were the offspring of the mother – with tests ruling out the possibility of a hospital mix-up shortly after their births.

Le Dinh Luong, president of the Genetic Association of Vietnam, told AFP that the findings were extremely rare.

Different dads: The two-year-old children were taken for DNA tests because of their 'strikingly different' looks
Different dads: The two-year-old children were taken for DNA tests because of their ‘strikingly different’ looks

“Our Centre for Genetic Analysis and Technology lab has tested and found a pair of bi-paternal twins,” he said.

“This is rare not only for Vietnam, but for the world.”

Bi-paternal twins can occur if two eggs from the same woman are fertilized by the sperm of two men during the same ovulation period.


The time window that eggs can be fertilized is small, with sperm cells capable of living inside a woman’s body for only four to five days.

The lifespan of a woman’s egg, meanwhile, is just 12 to 48 hours.

The exact circumstances surrounding the Vietnamese couple’s case remain unclear.

Remarkable: Tests ruled out the possibility of a hospital mix-up shortly after the twins' births (file picture)
Remarkable: Tests ruled out the possibility of a hospital mix-up shortly after the twins’ births (file picture)

However, Tuoi Tre newspaper reports that the husband was encouraged to take his children for DNA tests by his relatives, who noted that one of the twins did not look at all like him.

The two siblings also had ‘strikingly different’ appearances, according to Dan Tri news site.

The pair were both born on the same day around two years ago. But despite being the same sex, one of them has thick, wavy hair while the other has thin and straight locks.

The unidentified family are now said to be looking for the best way to deal with the shocking test results.

Bride Takes Wedding Guests to McDonald’s Groom goes Paintballing

Antoinette Sullivan
Bride Antoinette Sullivan on her wedding day in McDonald’s

Antoinette Sullivan, 28, had spent months dieting for the big day with Miles, 23, but when pals whisked him off she decided to treat herself

By Ian Murphy/Uk Mirror

A junk food craving bride treated her guests to a McDonald’s  after her husband went on his own on their wedding day.

Antoinette Sullivan, 28, had spent months dieting to fit into her white dress for the bigf day when she tied the knot with Miles, 23, on Friday.

But she was left stunned when her new husband was ‘kidnapped’ after the ceremony and taken paintballing by his pals.

Deciding to have her own fun, she took the rest of the wedding party to the fast food restaurant in Hereford and tucked into burger and chips.

SWNSAntoinette Sullivan
Antoinette, 28 and Miles Sullivan, 23 on their wedding day on Friday

Beauty therapist Antoinette said: “When Miles went off with his mates I thought to myself, well if he can have his fun then I can I have mine.

“We laughed about it but my friends said I should have gone mad but I don’t care, it was a great day and I’d been craving junk food after months of dieting.

“It was the best burger I’d ever eaten and the best way to mark the day. It was perfect and typical of me and Miles.

“We’re best friends as well as husband and wife and we never stop each other doing what we want to do.

“He wanted to go paintballing with his mates and I wanted a burger and chips and that’s what we did.”

SWNSAntoinette Sullivan
The newlyweds with their guests at Hereford Town Hall on Friday – before Miles was whisked away

The couple, who have four children, tied the knot in a secret ceremony in front of just 15 guests in Hereford Town Hall last week.

But minutes after they said their vows Miles left his new wife to go paintballing with his pals.

Antoinette and her friends went to a nearby pub before the bride, who was still wearing her white wedding dress, strolled into the busy city cent McDonald’s.

Despite the stunned looks, she polished off a quarter pounder burger with fries and mozzarella sticks – before meeting back up with Miles for an evening bash.

SWNSAntoinette Sullivan
The couple decided to tie the knot last week but only had a few guests, including their four children

Antoinette said: “We wanted the main ceremony to be more secretive in front of just a few people, mainly kids.

“We got married at 12pm and had the photos at 12.45pm and went to a pub for a celebration drink.

“I saw Miles talking to his mates and he came across looking sheepish and said ‘the lads have organised my stag do for today’.

“At first I thought he was joking but then I just said ‘go and have fun’. To be honest I was relieved because I was starving and didn’t want some poncy wedding day anyway.

SWNSAntoinette Sullivan
The McDonalds in Hereford where the bridal party celebrated the wedding

“Me and the girls went over the road to the pub and I took the kids to McDonald’s.

“Everyone in the restaurant said congratulations. It was a lovely day and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

“I met up with Miles in the evening and we had a great party with our friends.

SWNSAntoinette Sullivan
Antoinette tucking into a burger and fries after dieting for months for the big day

“People spend way too much on weddings and there was no way I wanted to spend an obscene amount on something like this.

“We just wanted to do it in our own way and for ourselves. We are not traditionalists.”

Roofer Miles added: “I didn’t have a stag do because we did it all at such short notice.

“After the ceremony the boys told me they were kidnapping me to go paintballing.

SWNSAntoinette Sullivan
Herefordshire Paintball where the groom and his stags celebrated the wedding day

“I asked Antoinette first of course but she was great about it. We’re like that as a couple. I love her to bits.

“I must have the best wife in the world to let me leave her in her dress and go off on my stag do.”

The couple left for a honeymoon in Tenby in Wales but left after a day because they were bored and spent the weekend at Alton Towers.

Clubbin in London: DSTRKT is not your club if your Too Fat or Too Dark

Zalika Miller

DSTRKT in London’s West End is the place to be if your someone like Drake or Rihanna, but if your a bit too fat or a bit too dark, this isn’t your place.  

 Last weekend, , Zalika Miller, Lin Mei, Reisha, and Tasha Campbell wanting to get their dance on headed to the trendy club at #9 Rupert Street.

When the ladies arrived at 10 pm they were told the club was full.  How so nevah other women were allowed to enter.

“Record Screech”

Needing some clarity (quick,fast and in a hurry!)

Mei said,Ugo Allessio, the manager, requested the women line up against a wall across the street so he could look them over via closed circuit TV. Several moments later, the promoter, known as Daniel, came back and said that although he thought the women were attractive, his manager disagreed. “Daniel came over to me and stated it’s because the girls are too dark,” Mei explained via email. “When I told the girls they were disgusted.”

When Mei (who is biracial) confronted Allessio for being offensive, he conceded that she and another friend could come in but the two would have to be left behind.

The Power of Social Media!

This isn’t Over!

Facebook, Instagram, the local papers, the BBC and the New York Papers, these ladies were serious.

On social media, dozens of other partygoers – including BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Sarah-Jane Crawford – said they had experienced racist door policies at high-end clubs.

protests at DSTRKT..

 DSTRKT (no comment)


Westminister City council, that licenses the venue, Dstrkt, said it was concerned by the allegations and said anyone who had been affected should report their complaints to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The management said: “DSTRKT restaurant and late night lounge has always operated an anti-racist door policy.

“It condemns any type of racism or discrimination by customer or staff.  “They said, they conducted a through investigation and at no point did staff say the women wouldn’t be allowed in on the basis of skin color or size.  “Comments made by external promoters to the women or in general have nothing to do with Dstrkt and aren’t deemed acceptable,” it said, adding that the women had been denied entry on Saturday because the club was fully booked.

They posted a statement of their Facebook page which said it has “always operated an anti-racist door policy and it condemns any type of racism or discrimination by customers or staff”.

The club posted pictures from inside the club of two of the women concerned on a previous visit, though Mei said she had never disputed that she had been allowed in the club previously.

The club’s management also said: “At least two of the women who made the complaint against DSTRKT, Lin Mei and Zalika Miller, have been allowed entry to our venue in the past as can been seen on Lin Mei’s Instagram account @linmeitalks from 12 weeks ago which showed a picture of her enjoying herself at our venue with two other friends and the message stated ‘… And again #nightout #dstrkt’.

“It appears that this message has now been deleted from her account but this clearly shows that the only reason she was turned away on the night of the 26 September was that the club was fully booked due to its popularity. ”

A Billion Years Ago

For five  days my friend Jennifer and I stood in line at New York’s Studio 54.  The people making the decision of who gets in were beyond cruel.   They would tell people they were too ugly or fat and despite these insults, most people remained in line.  It was degrading and exciting and  watching Limo’s and Rolls Royce’s pulling up to the club.  One night we saw  Mrs Bianca Jagger and Sally Kellerman enter the club. It was fun to watch pretenders step out hourly Limo’s, confidently handing the men folded hundred dollar bills and then escorted to the end of the line with date in tow.  If there was a couple they would allow one of them to go inside.   Cruel, terrible right?  Who would do that?

On a drizzling Saturday night. It was a threesome, my friend her boyfriend and me.   After 45 minutes we were near the front, we knew we weren’t getting in but at least we could see the celebrities up close.  One of the men said two of us could go in.  I assumed, they meant Jennifer and her soon to be husband .  Nope!  Before I could argue, Jennifer went in without saying anything to her stunned boyfriend or me. Then the man looked at me as if the say your going in?  I didn’t know what to do..   Ah, bye.

Not sure how are why I was let in, I was clearly the big (non celebrity) man inside.  It was wonderland, filled with beautiful people.  I danced holding in my stomach as much as I could.  The only negative was the bathrooms (co-ed) filled with nasty water and cigarettes.

We closed down the club and  went to Chock Full of Nuts Restaurant for french fries and coffee and talked the night away about our experience.   Arriving at the apartment, her boyfriend locked us out.   We rode on the subway until he went to work.   He didn’t speak to us for a few of days.


Sources: Uk Mirror, UkGardian, undergroundgazette,

Britain: UK’s First Transgendered Beauty Pageant

The girls of the UK’s first transgender beauty pageant give the secrets to their looks including the secret “tape and tuck

By: Boudicca F0x-Leonard and Nicola Bartlett/UK Mirror

Pageant: The beauties

Head to toe in glitz as they strut down the makeshift catwalk, it’s all broad smiles and swishing gowns for the contestants in the UK’s next big beauty pageant.

Fourteen glammed-up hopefuls are here for one final bootcamp before the rivalry gets real.

But there is something that makes these stunning women special… they were all born men.

The air thick with hairspray, steam rises as Charli Darling, 38, from Salford has her hair styled into a halo of dark brown curls.

Trans-gender pageant
The bikini round

Akiko Obillo is squeezing into a glitzy cocktail dress helped by her friend, Vanessa Lacsamana, 40, from London. “It fit me yesterday,” pleads the 20-year-old, rearranging the diamante top.

In the make-up chair being put through her paces, Ashley Chadha, 18, learns to style her long blonde hair extensions.

For these girls, this is not just about putting on some slap and a blow dry – for some it has taken years to bravely step out on to this catwalk and take part in Miss Transgender United, the nation’s first trans beauty contest.

Jennifer Lopez Gomez
Before and after: Jennifer Lopez Gomez

“Transgender girls don’t get the opportunity to do this sort of thing,” says organised Rachael Bailey, 35, who founded Miss Transgender United and has put in £20,000 of her own money to make it happen.

“We’ve never had this many girls together before, they are absolutely buzzing. But it does mean we get to see all their personalities.”

Kara Malik, the diva of the pack, has arrived late and is scrolling through her phone. “This is how I want my hair,” she tells the stylist, pointing to a photograph of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Chloe Fearn
Before and after: Chloe Fearn

The 23-year-old from Manchester has come with her own tiara and is adamant she will look like a star.

A professional make-up, hairdresser and catwalk coach are on board to help, and Kara is not the only one determined to dazzle.

Vanessa, her hair in large rollers, slips into a beaded orange gown to get in front of the camera.

Originally from the Philippines, the NHS cancer nurse is no stranger to the catwalk and has already won a host of international beauty titles.

Talulah Eve Brown
Talulah Eve Brown

She is quick to take Ashley, the baby of the group, under her wing, helping with the huge train on her dress – actually, a bridal gown.

The youngster, from London, excitedly shows off a pair of ­glamorous Kurt Geiger shoes bought for the occasion. “I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk in these,” she confesses, slipping on black trainers instead.

There are no trainers to be seen as Melanie Hayes, the reigning Miss Cardiff, sweeps in to put the girls through their paces.

The catwalk expert teaches them to walk the walk. At first, Jennifer Lopez Gomez struggles. “The key is to keep walking – never stop or you’ll tangle,” coaches Melanie.

Kara Malik
Kara Malik

In the make-up room tips are being given by hair and make-up pros Amanda Clarke and Oona Connor. Some of the girls have grown their own hair long, while others go for wigs, weaves or ­extensions. Amanda explains how styling can be used to soften the jaw line.

Jennifer, the Caitlyn Jenner of the group – at 57, only two years into her transition – still has a lot to learn. Oona advises against the pink eyeshadow she has paired with bright pink lippy and a pink dress.

Competition for the mirror is strong. “Who is prettier?” one asks as insecurities bubble to the surface.

But it does not stop many flaunting their boobs, and even a flash of designer vagina. Fay Louise Purdham, 28, from Newcastle, is proud of her £12,000 bust. “Come and feel them,” she says, strutting in a black string bikini.

Jai Latto
Jai Latto

For some pre-op finalists, the swimwear stage is all about “tape and tuck”. Rachael reveals: “One friend used to tape everything, then layer two pairs of pants and a sanitary towel. You couldn’t see a thing.”

What is clear is that all the women are at different points on their journey – some years post-op, while others have gone only a few months on hormones. For Rachael the pageant is more than just a beauty competition. She says: “It’s not about who got rid of their back fat or toned up down the gym.

“I’ve already eliminated a lot of girls who think you ain’t a woman unless you’ve got great boobs.”

Still, Charli, eyeing up the slimmer competition, is keen to make her mark. The curvy make-up artist has had a difficult journey.

Brooke Fewins
Brooke Fewins

Tears well up as she explains she has Klinefelter syndrome. Born with an extra X chromosome, she has struggled to be accepted as a woman by her family. The stories are all different but the pain is a common theme – the reason this means so much to all the women.

The London final next month brings together 24 winners from six city heats. After glamming up for the catwalk, they can model swimwear, display a talent or showcase a design creation.

Jai Latto, 22, from Edinburgh – ­transitioning since April – is already cossie-confident, while Jossy Yendall, 29, from Newcastle, is shown how to do a victory roll with her hair.

She rocks her tiger-print one-piece. “It’s from Primark,” she confides. Sport-mad Chloe-Louise Fearn, 25, will show off her keepie uppies in high heels, and brave Fay will performa fire trick – on stilts. Stage three is evening wear. Joker Fay pushes herself to the front, complaining: “There’s something wrong with my sash – it doesn’t say winner.”

But the £5,000 prize is no joke – it is a chance to speak for the community. “They’ll be going round hospitals and festivals, and will present the LGBT Icon Awards,” says Rachael.

Transgender herself, she knows what each has been through. “I can’t have surgery because I have a heart deformity,” she says. “I feel really proud of every one of them. When they tell their stories, we’ll see some real tears.”

Britian: Fat People who refuse treatment may be denied benefits

Too fat to work: Almost 12,000 people receive disability benefits because of metabolic disease -  a combination of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure

Picture/Daily Mail UK

Too fat to work?

Almost 12,000 people received Disability Living Allowance in Britain last year because they have metabolic disease – the medical term for a combination of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.   Obesity currently cost British taxpayers 9 million pounds a year ($14US)

Nearly one in five British secondary school pupils and a quarter of adults are obese, according to officials figures.

Health experts predict that by 2050 the annual bill for obesity-related illnesses will have risen to £50 billion ($79US), with almost two-thirds of the population obese.

British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered a review , which was announced earlier this year, to investigate how to treat the severely overweight and those suffering from addiction who refused to accept treatment “but expect taxpayers to carry on funding

Tam Fry, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, said: ‘Successive governments have made life too easy for too many obese people. If the obese have a legitimate cause for their fatness – and there may be medical or genetic reasons – benefits should not be denied to them. But getting long-term benefits simply for over-eating is an insult to society.

Resistance from charities and some doctors is expected.  The Tories have routinely been criticized for failing to deal with tax deductions for the richest while cutting benefits for the poorest Brits.

There are voices in Britain who believe Fat People are scape goats. Its agreed there IS an obesity crises in Britain ,but the supposed drain on the economy is overblown .

Bryony Bordon of the Uk Telegraph writes :

The fat are to be blamed for all our ills – from putting a strain on the NHS, to taking up too much space on public transport. The collective hatred for obese people is almost visceral, bordering on sadistic. People actually seem to enjoy taunting fatties; it’s as if without the overweight, a certain section of the population might explode in an orgy of mayhem and murder.

While rich people who are fat are seen as bon viveurs and jolly, everyone else is grotesque and should be ashamed, particularly those living below the breadline, whose bodies are somehow not befitting of their circumstances.

This is not to say we should tiptoe around the fat and avoid the subject; it’s that instead of threatening to take benefits away from people who are ill and therefore vulnerable, we should perhaps seek to find out the underlying causes that have made them that ill in the first place. It is time for a careful, considered approach to obesity, because otherwise there is a real danger of cruelty swallowing us all.