Relationships: What happens when one partner loses their job?

As unemployment rates spike, many relationships now feature a new and emotionally complex element of financial support By: Celina Ribeiro/UkGuardian “Like having a brick thrown at you,” is how Belinda* describes the days following her sudden redundancy. “You have a certain view of yourself, and that sense of worth is tied to the job thatContinue reading “Relationships: What happens when one partner loses their job?”

80% of Spaniards under 30 still live at home with parents

Only 20.5 percent of young Spaniards managed to leave home in the last six months of 2015, an “emancipation rate” down 4.81 percent on the same period of 2014, according to the Council for Youth in Spain (CJE). In a report released on July 1st, the CJE revealed that even when young Spaniards succeed inContinue reading “80% of Spaniards under 30 still live at home with parents”

Raising the Right Professionals: An Uphill Battle for Russia

‘Educators must better adapt programs to the demands of the work force By Alexey Eremenko/Moscow Times For a split second in December, it looked like 77 percent of Russians would be forced out of their current jobs. This is the estimated percentage of people working in a field outside of the scope of their university studies — a practice the government wanted to broadly prohibit beginning in 2020. OfficialsContinue reading “Raising the Right Professionals: An Uphill Battle for Russia”

I never should have followed my dreams

I quit my steady gig to fulfill my potential. Instead I went broke, and got fired from a job in doggie daycare By David Sobel/ “I quit,” I said, my black leather carrying bag already over my shoulder. I’d imagined this scene for years, a triumphant take-this-job delivery followed by my supervisor’s wounded expression. HisContinue reading “I never should have followed my dreams”

7 Signs You’re About to Be Fired

How to tell when the writing is on the wall—and what you can do to erase it By: Rachael Schultz/Mens Health Magazine You don’t ever think you’re going to get fired, unless you start doing a sub-par job on purpose. And if your company is simply trimming headcount, it’s hard to know whether you shouldContinue reading “7 Signs You’re About to Be Fired”

We’re the face of food stamps

When my husband lost his job, we landed in the 47 percent — and learned how cruel other people’s judgment can be Last winter I ran into a friend pushing his two youngest children in a stroller. When I asked how he was doing, he told me he’d recently lost his job. I walked awayContinue reading “We’re the face of food stamps”

Secret data shows more than half of Britain’s young black men are unemployed

More than half of young black men are on the dole as the recession hits ethnic minorities hardest. Official figures show 56 per cent of black men aged 16 to 24 – and 39 per cent of young black women – are out of work. The unemployment rate for young black men has doubled sinceContinue reading “Secret data shows more than half of Britain’s young black men are unemployed”