Robotics to take-over doctors in the UAE?

  Artificial intelligence can achieve what man cannot achieve, in various aspects in the medical field. More hospital in the UAE are now turning to robotic surgery to perform some of the most complex and dynamic procedures. But will advanced artificial intelligence in the medical field soon replace the hands of real-life doctors in theContinue reading “Robotics to take-over doctors in the UAE?”

Future Dubai, in Pictures….. Wow!

  In a very short time, Dubai has become one the the world’s Destination.  It is home to the world tallest building.  It has a skyline that rivals New York.  If the question is who has the Grandest, largest?  The answer is often Dubai.  Where else can you water ski and snow ski on theContinue reading “Future Dubai, in Pictures….. Wow!”

United Arab Emirates: When reporters become subservient writers

Public relations departments at private and government entities are controlling media organisations in the country, a group of journalists opine. By: Mustafa Al Zarooni/ The level of influence exerted by powerful government officials on journalists can be seen in the news gathering process, a group of journalists have said. Some reporters wait for approval fromContinue reading “United Arab Emirates: When reporters become subservient writers”

United Arab Emirates has a Green Vision

The UAE will be the best country to live in, if its Vision 2021 is a success. During Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group’s (ADSG) Hiwar session that took place on Monday in the Capital, three government officials came along to discuss the UAE’s Vision 2021, green growth strategy and the link between them. “The key roleContinue reading “United Arab Emirates has a Green Vision”

‘Sex in cab’ pair take case to Dubai Court of Appeal

Two expats accused of having sex in the back of a Dubai taxi have taken their case to the appeal court. Brit Rebecca Blake and her co-defendant, an Irishman, were handed three- month jail terms in November by Dubai Misdemeanours Court after being found guilty of having an illegal affair. They were also fined Dhs3,000Continue reading “‘Sex in cab’ pair take case to Dubai Court of Appeal”

United Arab Emirates Immigration Problem

October Dubai: A total of 135 illegal Asian workers were arrested in Dubai early this week in an operation which lasted less than an hour. The operation was carried out in the Fareej Al Murr and Al Mutana areas by the Investigation Section of the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA). Major-General MohammadContinue reading “United Arab Emirates Immigration Problem”

45 men found sharing one bedroom flat

The cost for housing near Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) is very expensive.  The Sharjah Municipality (a suburb oF Dubai,  rounded up 45 bachelors living in a one-bedroom apartment of a residential building in the Wasit residential area in Sharjah. This is against the municipality’s rules and regulations and ensures safety and stability for families in residentialContinue reading “45 men found sharing one bedroom flat”