Wasting My Vote

By CityFella, A Sea of Democrats  From a child I loved politics, at 15 I was a member of a youth commission.    For years, I walked the precincts and manned the phone banks for various candidates and issues. A billion years ago, A friend asked if I wanted to meet George McGovern, he wasContinue reading “Wasting My Vote”

Fighting against our self-inflicted sanctions

BY: Robert Ehlert/ The Idaho Statesman The last time I checked, we were reserving economic sanctions for a select club of our sworn enemies: Iran, North Korea and others vying for positions on the Evil Empire list. But not ourselves. Yet here we are beginning Week 2 of GSA — and we don’t mean GeneralContinue reading “Fighting against our self-inflicted sanctions”

What is Sequestration?

It’s a wonky term long used in congressional appropriations staff rooms but now it’s one of the hottest political issues in Washington: Sequestration. But what, exactly is a sequester? Simply put, it’s the formal term for mandatory cuts to federal programs – the process of cordoning off money that may have been authorized by Congress butContinue reading “What is Sequestration?”