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Aretha Franklin, Performing in the Kennedy Center Opera House December 6, 2015

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The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is a massive building on the Potomac River containing nine theaters.

By Gavin Edwards\ New York Times


In her final decade, Aretha Franklin’s two best-loved performances both took place in Washington. In 2009, she graced Barack Obama’s inauguration with a gorgeous “My Country, ’Tis of Thee” while wearing a hat so remarkable it ended up on display in the Smithsonian on Dec. 6, 2015, she sang an unforgettable rendition of her own anthem of rebirth, “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” in tribute to the song’s co-writer, Carole King, who was receiving the Kennedy Center Honors for lifetime achievement alongside Rita Moreno, Cicely Tyson and other luminaries.

The 1967 single is sensual and spiritual; after 48 years, Ms. Franklin felt it more deeply than ever. It was a showstopper at the Kennedy Center — and on internet browsers everywhere. Soon after, Elton John told The Times that he had been watching the “Natural Woman” clip over and over. “I will definitely, when I’m 75, be having a fur coat like that, and coming in with a clutch bag, too,” Mr. John promised. “And throwing my coat off. And in a fishtail dress.”

We spoke with performers, guests and others who were at the Kennedy Center that night about their memories of Ms. Franklin’s soaring performance. These are edited excerpts from the conversations.


RICKEY MINOR, musical director of the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony The producers were interested in Aretha — her doing “Natural Woman” was kind of a no-brainer — and I knew that she attended the Kennedy Center Honors every year, sitting in the audience to celebrate the honorees.


DEBORAH F. RUTTER, president of the Kennedy Center Aretha received her Kennedy Center Honor in 1994, at a time when most Honors recipients were at or nearing the end of their careers. That she continued performing and producing new work for the next two decades is a testament to a talent that transcends age and time.

GLENN WEISS, executive producer and director of the Honors ceremony There was a big back and forth before Aretha agreed to perform, but the song was such a huge iconic thing in her life. I think it was important for her to be there.

CHILINA KENNEDY, who has played Carole King in the Broadway musical “Beautiful” and appeared in the Kennedy Center Honors tribute I’d heard the story of how Carole and Gerry [Goffin] had written the song for Aretha: they were walking down Broadway and [producer] Jerry Wexler pulled up in his limo and rolled down the window and said, “Hey, I want you guys to write a song called ‘Natural Woman.’”

MINOR With Aretha, you need to be bendable and not breakable. It was going to be just her with the orchestra, but she made a call and said, “Hey, I have a way that I do this song with my background singers.” Everyone needs what they need to be comfortable.

WEISS She always walks onstage with her purse. When we were in rehearsals, she walks out and puts it on the piano. When she walks downstage, she picks it up and puts it on the floor. The show ends with everyone in the tribute downstage singing “I Feel the Earth Move.” In rehearsal, there’s a line of people in street clothes — her, James Taylor, Sara Bareilles, Janelle Monáe — and this one bag sitting in the middle of the stage. When we finished the song, James Taylor leaned over to pick up the bag and hand it to her, being a gentleman, and reflexively she almost pushed him away.

WEISS Traditionally the honorees go to the White House for a reception, and then they go back to the Kennedy Center, the president comes, and the show starts. Unfortunately, that weekend the San Bernardino shooting happened. We were told by the White House that the president is addressing the nation at 8 o’clock, and we’re scheduled to start at 7:30. The night was a bit of a roller coaster and maybe a little emotional, but the president came to us at intermission.

MINOR I always welcome everybody before the show and thank them for coming, because I probably won’t see them after the show. I knocked on Aretha’s door — she’ll make you wait, you won’t just walk in there. There were a lot of people in there — hair and makeup, she was getting ready — but she was in a great mood.

KENNEDY For the 11 o’clock number of the Carole King section, I introduced her, said, “Aretha Franklin!” and people freaked out.

MINOR The honorees don’t know who’s performing for them.

KENNEDY Carole was losing her mind, Obama was losing his mind, everyone was going wild. I was standing in the wings with James Taylor, who was just as excited to see what was going to happen.

JAMES TAYLOR To me, Aretha is the ultimate — not that it’s a competition. She didn’t open her mouth unless what came out was brilliant.

KENNEDY Out she walks with her fur coat and her purse; she whacks the purse on the piano and sits down. They cut this part out of the segment that went to air, but she did a few scales, taking her time getting ready, and then all of a sudden she hits that first note, “Looking out on the morning,” and it was the most unbelievable performance I had ever seen.

MINOR Carole just kept saying, “Oh my God, oh my God,” and holding her head. She had never seen Aretha play piano and sing her song. Lots of people don’t know that Aretha plays piano, but if you want to get her true sound, you need her playing. Vocally she knows where she’s going, so she can lead herself into that on piano. She’s got more movement in certain places than most pianists would. That teaches her rhythm section to get out of the way, to support her and not dictate how the song goes.

WEISS It’s a roomful of people who have seen a lot of artists over the years, but not a lot of people have seen Aretha sitting down at a piano.

KENNEDY I couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth. She got up from the piano, walked downstage, and dropped her fur coat in the middle of the stage.

RITA MORENO, Kennedy Center honoree: The moment she “casually” dropped her massive mink coat onto the stage was one for the ages.

MINOR I was playing bass right behind her. When she dropped that jacket, I almost dropped my bass. It was so in the moment — I don’t think she planned it.


ARETHA FRANKLIN (speaking with in 2016) I wasn’t sure about the air factor onstage, and air can mess with the voice from time to time. And I didn’t want to have that problem that evening. It’s been a long time since I’ve done Kennedy Center, and I wanted to have a peerless performance. Once I determined that the air was all right while I was singing, I said, “Let’s get out of this coat! I’m feeling it. Let’s go!”

WEISS Of all the television I’ve done, and there’s been a lot, this was one of the most viral clips. I was in the TV truck, in the loading dock behind the stage, watching the monitors for the 14 cameras. Not only was I seeing what was going on, but I’m seeing reactions in the crowd, and I’m making choices of what’s going to go on the air. There was such electricity in the room — part of it might be because of how moved Carole King was. During that show, a lot of the audience will look to see how the honoree responds. When something like this happens, all your plans go out the window and you’re capturing the live moments: the audience gets up on their feet and the president is wiping a tear from his eye.

TAYLOR She was in excellent form and in excellent voice. She was also funny and wry and with it — I thought she would be with us another 10 years.

MORENO She brought a prodigious talent, musicality, and down stompin’ woman’s sass to all she does.

CICELY TYSON, Kennedy Center honoree She had the most beautiful face. You could see her emotions in her face as well as hear them in her voice. It was no surprise when the audience stood up — you can’t sit and listen to her and not be moved. After she finished, she came off the stage and she had a huge bouquet of flowers. She walked up the aisle and an audience member joked, “Are those for me?” She said, “I’m sorry, they’re for my lady,” and she brought them right to me and put them in my arms.

KENNEDY She was up in the stratosphere with those riffs, but every cell of her being seemed to be in the music. There was nothing else, just her and the song. That’s what we try to do as artists — we try to get to where she was that night.

A version of this article appears in print on , on Page C4 of the New York edition with the headline: When ‘A Natural Woman’ Blew the Roof Off.

RHOA: Season 7 Episode 21 “Chasing Nay Nay”

In this installment of RHOA we learned…. Nene was still Nene, Phaedra still over the top, Kandi wants to support her husband.  We learned no one would ever confuse Cynthia Bailey acting ability with Viola Davis. Kenya is a peacemaker and Claudia is a mean girl bitch and Bravo is stretching out these last couple of episodes until the reunion.

She’s a Big Girl Without a Bad Jamaican Accent

The installment begin with Cynthia’s beautiful daughter Noelle. Who is trying on very expensive dresses  for her first Homecoming, Kenya is there to show her how to make an entrance.  Note: nothing that teenager was wearing came from Sears.

Speaking of Bad Jamaica accents, Cynthia needs help with hers for her character on Kenya’s ” Life Twirls On” pilot and consults her husband, Jamaican-born Peter Thomas.  Now if she can get help with her Barnum and Bailey make up.

Nene Takes Broadway

This was a small endearing clip, with Gregg and their son Brice, at Sardi’s restaurant in NYC.  The Leaks are clearly not in the ATL and Gregg doesn’t want Brice on his own in the Big Apple, today this block, tomorrow maybe other block.  Gregg is Nene’ foundation, and perhaps he is the only person in the world, she will listen to.

Will They or Wont They? 

Kandi met Todd Tucker while they were both in South Africa on Season Five of RHOA.  He was working in production at the time. Most of his work takes place in LA or NYC.  Something Kandi (who hates leaving Atlanta) knew.

Perhaps, she thought they would work together on her projects in Atlanta.  Todd has a career, he is currently one of the Executive Producers of “Hollywood Diva’s which was just picked up for a second season which is based in LA. He has a production company based in LA and has quite the resume.

Kandi, has an agenda, she wants a child, and a family in Atlanta. She could move to LA, but her business is her.  Being raised by a single parent, he is somewhat reluctant o have a child.  She isn’t getting the attention (sex) and questions if they will make the first years anniversary.

Phaedra Loves A Grand Entrance 

My boys miss their father,” said Phaedra Parks, “I want to give my sons and others strong black role models.”  She organized a group  “Save Our Sons” rally to empower and encourage boys and fathers to be better men by having successful African-American leaders mentor them.

Phaedra had the wives serve lunch at the rally – the first time they had all been together with Nene since she stormed out of the counseling session.

From ballet dancers, to men carrying her son in a raised chair, Ms Parks loves an entrance and last night was no different, she has a marching band play her in.  Now what the marching band has to do with empowerment? I guess you’ll have to ask Ms Parks.   She marched.

“The Main Event”

 Messy Claudia

I have a love and hate relationship with Nene.  I would love to be her at a party.  She can be charming, she’s always funny.  Having said that, I would look for her at a party, but I would not invite her to a party.  Its too risky, and she lift it or tear it down.

I could rehash her short comings but I wont,we all know them too well.

She and Gregg flew from New York to support Phaedra.  Phaedra wanted the ladies to serve food to the men at the event..  From the moment Nene stepped in Claudia was looking to start some mess. Claudia shared the progress the ladies made after she left . ( I caught it)   When asked about the video the ladies made for her in the Philippines, Nene was being Nene said it was phony.   (Kandi warned them)

Claudia has been one of my favorites this season, but last night she lost points.     She looked at Nene side eyed as she went in and went after Nene.     As Porsha served, (Kandi and Kenya wasn’t there)  Claudia and Cynthia went after Nene.  Forget the food, Claudia wanted world important answers to her question and she wanted them now. To her credit, Nene kept Nay Nay under wraps    Would have been nice if Nene slapped her with a plate of chicken.   Voices were raised, the audience could clearly hear the commotion. Judge Mathis was speaking.   Claudia chased Nene, who kept Nay Nay under wraps.   But she took the high road and left, with Claudia prepared to chase her through the hall way, but Kenya arriving late, Kenya , YES KENYA MOORE!!!! grabbed Claudia as to say, “Stop this foolishness”  

Next week is the last show before the reunion

(Early Reports says this reunion  is calm no one hit and no hair was pulled. If you want and need Ratchet, catch Beverly Hills, (you know its bad when Brandi says fuck you to Andy Cohen)  Everyone has dropped the F bomb accept Yolanda and Vanderpump (so far) part 3 wraps this Tuesday)


Last Week

This may the only DRAMA FREE episode in the history of RHOA